Enjoy Victoria Godwin’s mind blowing story on drugs changing a woman’s close to perfect life

North Carolina, USA, 16 November 2017- Imaginations rule the world. And no better form of imaginative wonderment ever surpassed reading a story. It puts one’s mind and soul at ease while taking the person on a journey to a far away land existing in their imaginations. The most breathtaking of this world of wonderment is a spiritual and realistic based storyline; that not only entertains but also educates and inspires readers. Drug abuse is a very serious problem plaguing our society today. It has ruined many lives and dreams. It is very important that everyone understands how it can destroy lives.  For this reason, author Victoria Godwin has taken time out to write a very inspirational and entertaining book titled ‘Party Girl Nurse’s Journey’.

This breath taking story is about drugs changing a woman’s close to perfect life.. This is a sequence of stories about a woman’s life from childhood through adulthood. It covers every sin in the Bible. Every reader will identify with at least one story in the book.

A doctor’s family whose wife is a nurse had an almost perfect life until the drug world takes over. A world of drug abuse gradually progresses into lying, stealing, cheating, near death experiences and a total nightmare. The family starts to fall apart but God’s grace and mercies prevail. Drug abuse is a worldwide epidemic that is killing our youth every day. Party Girl Nurse’s Journey raises awareness on dangers of drug abuse in the most thrilling way.

The author drew this inspiring story from her personal life experience with drug abuse. She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, with a perfect family and childhood. Then gradually she found herself in a foreign world learning a foreign language–the drug world. Her whole life changed, and so did the lives of those around her whom she loved.

They say you have to be broken before you can truly realize the power of God. Well, that was her exact case, but thankfully she came back much stronger with more faith to conquer the future with God’s love and protection.


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