Bernice Townsend Raising Funds to Save Her Home From Foreclosure

$12,000 Needed For Her Home Through YouCaring Up To December 1, 2017

New York – November 16, 2017: New York resident Bernice Townsend is currently promoting a YouCaring drive to raise funds to help save her home from foreclosure. She currently has a goal of $12,000 to cover her arrears so she can keep from being kicked out of her home. She is aiming to get her funds taken care of before December 1, 2017, so she will get the money needed to avoid being removed from her property as the bank takes it.

Townsend is a full-time worker, but she has been struggling to get the funds needed to cover her debts. She purchased the home in 2007 and had invested a great amount of energy in making this property her home.

But in recent time she has been struggling to keep her expenses under control. She had to replace an old asbestos furnace with a new one, thus depleting her funds and making it harder for her to pay off her mortgage. While she had saved some emergency money, it was not enough to help cover the expenses associated with her furnace.

Townsend is aiming to get her funds raised before December 1, 2017. Although she has tried to raise funds on her own in many ways, she has been unsuccessful and is turning to YouCaring to help her get the funds that she needs.

The YouCaring page shows details on her property and what she is doing to get the funds she needs. The page allows people to make donations and to share the information on her situation on Facebook and other social media platforms. The general goal of the fundraiser is to help ensure that she can save her house and that she will not have to walk away from her property and give it back to the bank.

Bernice Townsend had not expected a dramatic expense to come about, thus making it to where she needs to seek out help with getting funds to help her with mortgage payments.

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