The Driveway Company launches the first-of-its-kind Resin and Rubber crumb driveways in the United Kingdom

The Driveway Company provides services for a wide range of imprinted pathways that add on to the total appearance of the residential property. The website describes every minute detail on the advantages of having such pavement at residential areas and getting rid of water-logging problems that can cause serious threat to the routine lifestyle.

Permeable paving is a specific form of paving vehicle and pedestrian pathways that is highly porous and thus, helps in the draining of rainwater from its surface. This permeable pavement prevents water-logging and is advantageous over asphalt and concrete that can cause neighboring areas flood resulting in serious pollution problems. Drainage is one of the threats that can damage the entire lifestyle of a population.

The Driveway Company introduces the imprinted pavement solutions without compromising on the quality, style, appearance, and aesthetic appeal. The website concentrates more on monolithic paving and unit paving. The company states that the Tarmac is the cheapest method of developing a driveway and more often this is the best option for creating a pavement within a residential property or in a garden.

The Driveway Company launches the Resin driveways in the UK market and these types of pathways are used on the streets and appear in various colours. The red bus lanes and the green cycle paths are some standard examples of resin pathways used in the UK. Depending on the thickness of the resin layer on the pavement, the pathways are categorized into two – resin-bonded or resin-bound pavements. Next time you wish to change the appearance of the pathway don’t miss to check

Another concrete driveway the company deals with is the pattern imprinted concrete pathways. Such pathways are laid at the porches and pool or garden outlays. This methodology has an unmatched advantage of increasing the face-value of the property and the imprinted designs can be customized according to the customer’s desire. The total appearance of the residential property is changed and it delineates from the rest of neighbourhood. This type of pathway is anti-slippery, so it is equally safe and stays excellent in snowy and rainy weather.

The Driveway Company also deals with the modern pavement method known as the Rubber crumb driveway. This is entirely different from all the traditional ways of paving technology. The texture of the rubber layer is so adequately tough and it ideally goes hand-in-hand with the innovative technologies implemented on the manufacturing of automobile tyres. Such pavement is resistant to wear and tear caused by weather and stays totally unaffected. Know more about the rubber crumb at

The Driveway Company offers a 10-year guarantee on all the types of pavement services provided here. They value their customers and thus present an enquiry form that asks about the contact details so that they get back to everyone who wishes to be a part of The Driveway Company.

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