E-Solution Professionals Creates AI Division To Improve Business Operations

One of the leading Web Development for the Tire Industry is expanding its business model to help even more businesses around the world to achieve their goal.

E-Solution Professionals, a leader in their field seeks to extend its e-commerce business by creating an exciting new division that is dedicated to AI development. The new division which is called TireLabs seeks to partner with academic and technology companies to develop an artificial intelligence capable of helping tire wholesalers to make better market decisions.

This new development will provide a vital tool which will also save companies time and money. “By utilizing data collection strategies within its existing products an AI will be able to make real-time market decisions based on the change in inventory and pricing,” explained a spokesman for E-Solution Professionals.

Now, the distribution of automotive products from wholesalers to retailers requires exhaustive management and data analysis by teams of people. Despite the best efforts of companies and their key employees, it is inevitable that human error creeps in as periods of high demand push people past the edge of their abilities. An AI system will work tirelessly to give recommendations and make predictions that make distribution efficient and easy.

Using machine learning, the TireLabs AI will have the potential to see when a tire size is being searched for by customers without adequate stock levels and act accordingly. It will be able to look through tire orders and spot patterns that human observation often misses and manage stock levels accordingly. It can be difficult among the hustle and bustle of running a tire wholesale business to find the time to analyze things beyond broad trends. The new computer-driven technology can analyze customers at an individual level and work tirelessly to piece together the many puzzle pieces of this complex economic makeup and develop a cohesive plan for a wholesaler to better meet their customer’s economic needs.

Tirelabs will be able to work seamlessly with existing E-Solution Professionals products like Tireweb, Treadsearch, and Treadmart. From the admin section of these products, administrators will be able to see the recommendations and watch the AI driven suggestions come through in real time. Having a history of development in the creation of data-driven web applications this AI project will be a natural extension of working with automotive data for human intervention. 

Having already developed Tirelibrary, the world’s largest database of tire information, this AI system will be able to quickly develop a robust understanding of the current state of the tire industry and make decisions based on up to date information of manufacturer’s tire and automotive products.

Tirelabs is currently looking to development partnerships with leading academics in the field to hasten the development of this system. By using leading technology, it is hoped that the work of wholesalers will easier and tire distribution will enter a new era of efficiency and consumer satisfaction.

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