Online Tool For Negotiating Vehicle Selling Prices Now Offers a Test Drive Reviews Feature

Buying a new car can be a hectic and often expensive endeavor. CarMarshal, an online tool designed to facilitate better selling prices for vehicles, helps users remove some of the stress (and financial hardship) of purchasing a new vehicle by negotiating more aggressive offers from sellers. Seeking more ‘grass-root’ reviews, CarMarshal has recently launched a campaign (#carmarshalcontest) that compensates a select few of their members who post a 2 minute review of their own vehicles.

Dallas, TX – Whether a buyer is looking for a new or used car in their area, pricing can often be a daunting obstacle that stands between a buyer and their dream car. This in turn makes the car buying process that much more stressful. At CarMarshal, prospective buyers can gain access to a tool that helps them to find both new and used vehicles in their area from trusted dealers and choose the best priced option for their budget. CarMarshal even offers a negotiations option where the company will negotiate with local dealers on behalf of the buyer to achieve even lower rates.

“We believe in a transparent and thorough car buying experience that doesn’t leave you blindsided with hidden fees,” explains Chief Technology Officer, Terry Clark. “Whether you’re looking to buy a new or used vehicle, or sell your existing car or truck, you should have the tools and the knowledge available to get a fair price. At CarMarshal, we do the negotiating for you so that you can relax and choose between the great local offers for the vehicle of your choice, in the price range that fits your budget. We have recently decided to add test drive reviews to the CarMarshal experience in order to give users yet another great piece of information that can help them to determine what they should be paying for a vehicle. This is just one more way that we promote transparency and trust in the buying and selling process.”

There are two levels of membership from CarMarshal, the first being completely free. The free membership allows users to search for cars in a 200 mile radius of their location and contact dealers to make an offer. With the paid membership, users can access CarMarshal’s T.R.Us.T. tools, which provide a more aggressive car buying solution, which can result in even better deals. In fact, the company believes that these tools are so effective in signaling the intent to make an offer that they offer a full refund on the purchase of the T.R.Us.T. tools if a user is unable to find a better offer using them. CarMarshal makes the car buying process not only affordable, but simplistic. Just click to find your next vehicle!

CarMarshal aims to be a go to source for trustworthy car deals, thanks to their T.R.Us.T tools. The company’s system is not based on magic solutions to finding cheaper cars, but in creating a system that is beneficial to both car buyers and auto dealers. This system is based on Transparent fees, Reduced effort, a User-friendly online experience, and Trustworthy quotes. Because CarMarshal believes in their T.R.Us.T solution, they even offer a money back guarantee on their car buying tools if they find a better value through another method. In addition to being a helpful platform for car buyers, CarMarshal is also a platform for those looking to sell their vehicle.

CarMarshal is headquartered in Dallas, Texas (PO Box 704113 Dallas, TX 75370), and can be reached by phone at 214-854-7474. CarMarshal is compensating a select few of its members that submit personal vehicle reviews to their official website at Try out a better car buying experience today! Follow CarMarshal on Instagram at and on Facebook at


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