From water slide tester to empty office sitter, these are 10 of the weirdest jobs posted in online jobsites

Whether you’re starting out or simply need a change, these bizarre jobs could make a lucrative career change

Do you dread going into work in the morning? Or are you looking to mix it up and find a new career path? If the answer to either of the above is “yes!”, then we’ve got good news for you. Here’s a list of the ten weirdest job vacancies advertised in online jobsites this year, and they’re sure to give you some much-needed inspiration.

Though these job postings are good for a giggle, the underlying idea is that job hunters should always keep an open mind when it comes to looking for their next role.

Searching for a job online has become increasingly competitive and a lot of job hunters, especially younger candidates, are focused too heavily on specific job titles, so casting the net further afield and remaining open to ‘quirkier’ job roles is key.

Expanding their search to include something a bit more eccentric means candidates could find a fun job that comes with both career satisfaction and a decent salary.

But, of course, being a professional ‘Bull Head Catcher’ probably isn’t for everyone!

Ten of the strangest jobs posted in online jobsites include:

Professional Bed Warmer: $21,000p/a
Why use heat pads or electric blankets when you could employ real life human hot water bottles? Some hotels are now taking on staff to warm up their beds, ready for guests to get into. You’ll wear a hygienic sleepsuit and hop into bed until it’s warm and cosy – for around $21,000 a year!

Water Slide Tester: $26,000p/a
If you’re a thrill seeker and a fan of the adrenaline rush, this might just be the perfect job. While you won’t need any formal qualifications, you will need nerves of steel and the ability to swim. Working as a water slide tester, employees are required to rate each slide on its splash and adrenaline factor.

Bull Head Catcher: $16,000p/a

Not for the faint of heart (or stomach), bull head catchers are required to work alongside slaughter-men. Furthermore, candidates for this job will need to be physically strong and fit to assist with moving heavy loads.

Trainee Banana Ripener – $26,000p/a
Fruit fanatics might be pleased to know that some companies now look for banana ripeners. Working in the ripening rooms to ensure bananas are of the appropriate quality to meet customer expectations, this fruity gig could earn candidates up to $26,000 a year!

Golf Ball Diver: $33,000p/a
Not everyone can be a pro golfer, so perhaps unsurprisingly, many golf courses find that there’s an abundance of golf balls in the water. While it’s a little unusual, people are hired to dive into the water and collect said golf balls. For employees who enjoy swimming and exploring the water, a career as a golf ball diver requires working around four days a week and pays a decent salary – a dream come true for some!

Pet Food Taster: $26,000p/a

Many companies will take on employees to try out pet food before our furry friends have it for dinner. Working to test out flavours and make sure that the meals and ingredients balance, pet food tasters can earn themselves a tasty $26,000 per year.

Potato Chip Inspector: salary unknown

Perfect potato chips don’t just make themselves, which is why chip inspectors are hired to weed out any chips that might be overcooked, under-seasoned or irregularly shaped. While we don’t know exactly how much this job pays, it’s a firm favourite with potato chip lovers far and wide!

Chief Listening Officer: $80,000p/a
Not just a fancy word for a therapist, working as a Chief Listening Officer means constantly monitoring a company’s social media channels for mentions, essentially ‘listening’ on behalf of your employer at all times.

Empty Office Sitter: $20,000p/a
Working as an empty office sitter offers all the freedom an employee could want, often with unlimited complimentary coffee! Looking after an empty office space, the ideal candidates will be happy working alone, and be able to keep themselves occupied.

Cool Hunter: $33,000p/a
The perfect job for those who always have a finger on the pulse and love staying ahead of the game. Unfortunately, there isn’t any real hunting involved but for $33,000 a year, some employers have put out their feelers for employees who’ll spend their days predicting what the next big thing will be.

While some of these jobs are more common than others, it’s simply an indication of the variety of career options that are now available to today’s job hunters, and highlights the need for job sites to promote these opportunities.

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