dB9PRO Announces Money Back Guarantee for its VR1 Voice Recorder

The dB9PRO VR1 voice recorder for lectures has been recently released on Amazon.com, as a handy recording device targeting journalists, students, teachers, professionals, office workers, medical staff, teens, adults and seniors.    

A representative of dB9PRO, a brand producing voice recorders, recently explained, “We are offer a money back guarantee, and this is over and above the money back guarantee which Amazon normally gives its customers for up to 30 days.”

Explaining how their guarantee works, the representative continued, “If a customer finds a problem with their product, they simply need to get in touch with us. After a series of troubleshooting steps, if the unit is not fixed, we would offer them a replacement unit or 100% money back. Each unit comes with a one-year warranty, and our customer support is well-known.”

According to dB9PRO, they have nearly 40,000 satisfied customers who have been regularly buying their products and use them daily in a variety of ways and amongst them are several customers who often come backto buy a second or third voice recorder.

A digital voice recorder can be useful in any situation which needs recording or note-taking, like student classes, lectures, seminars, corporate meetings, discussions, musical ideas, ideas for a book, dictations or simply having a way to record an event or a voice.

About the dB9PRO Brand

The dB9PRO brand has made it its mission to provide a voice recorder that is practical for business and classroom use and for interactive play. The dBPRO VR1 voice recorder is a sought-after product on the Amazon website.

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