AWARD WINNING SUNSCREEN SPF 50 MINERALS is now offered Nationwide Through Mr. Checkout’s Direct Store Delivery Distributors

“Black tactical container in 3.0 TSA compliant tube, high efficiency formula”
United Spirit of America DBA Warrior will have access to 35,000 retailers & distributors across US; a national distribution agreement has been signed with Mr. Checkout Distributors!

Now being offered for retail distribution

Free of skin-irritating chemicals, this smooth non-greasy mineral based SPF 50 sunscreen provides excellent physical UVA and UVB protection even under the most extreme conditions and environments as demonstrated by the use of it by US Special Operation forces around the world. Awarded by a 5-year contract with the Department of Defense this formula has passed and exceeded field and lab testing that guarantees full protection while nourishing the skin providing a silky texture that quickly absorbs with no trace left behind. 

Our organic, non-clogging pores formula is packed with skin loving free radical fighting hydrating Shea Butter. All the organic components work to improve skin elasticity and retain moisture to the perfect level. Our skin barrier protection technology allows perspiration to go through while keeping the skin safe.

When only the best would do, this formula is the best that you can find.

Media Contact
Company Name: United Spirit of America DBA Warrior -Win Your Battles-
Contact Person: JJ Agudelo PhD
Phone: 561-200-7202
Country: United States