Jacksonsonville, Florida – November 16, 2017: A lifetime Canadian entrepreneur now living in the US is developing an app that can help and maybe even save lives during weather disasters.  Based on the total destruction of his own home and vital documents, the app will be a critical tool for getting their lives back together faster and more efficiently.

The app prompts the user to answer and store answers to questions they have needed during disasters. ie: Where is your family meet up place if a disaster happens in your city (and secondary location)? The patent pending software then offers the user to share each specific coded answer with a loved on privately. Helpful with people of all ages. Merry had to use the system when forest fire happened in is neighborhood which helped save a neighbor’s beloved dog. The site allows users to upload and save documents like extended warranties, coupons, insurance forms.

The Myhipsmart app simply works by asking the user pertinent questions like who is your pet’s vet, meds, special diet, hiding place etc… It is up to the subscriber to only load the answers they want and we do not allow personal financial information. The app uses the latest encrypted systems and is also GIAC certified.

With the current global disasters Myhipsmart is a vital tool with hyperlinks to insurance companies and other important business therefore expediting claims and getting people’s lives back to normal.

Myhipsmart also has a pet matching service free with their subscription to match lost pets after the storm. To view the app on your phone that is being built go to

Their pet rescue matching –

Currently raising funding on a crowd funding site to complete the app early next spring.

Media Contact
Company Name: Myhipsmart
Contact Person: Wayne Merry
Phone: 904 302 4713
City: Jacksonsonville
State: Florida
Country: United States