Sunda Tech (HK) Ltd Releases Its Latest Range Of Industry Automation Products And Electrical Field Components

Sunda Tech (HK) Ltd incorporated in 2005, is a frontline distributor specializing in the supply of industry automation and electrical field components.

Industry automation products including but not limited to circuit breakers, motor control systems, disconnecting switches, and low voltage motor protectors provide reliable solutions for optimizing performance and operational efficiency of a modern-day factory. Ranging from field devices to incoming power appliances, the comprehensive range of automation products furnish effective solutions that include branch circuitry protection, panel optimization, and motor control mechanisms. Sunda Tech (HK) Ltd is a leading distributor and retailer of automation products like sensors, temperature controllers, PLCs, contactors, timers, photoelectric switches, timers, servo drives including MDH-CH-V2-2010 Mitsubishi AC Servo Drives. Such automation systems find extensive use in chemical processing, telecommunications, oil and gas processing power generation, and numerous other industries.

Talking about the MDH-CH-V2-2010 Mitsubishi AC Servo Drive, this automation product helps enhance productivity and improve flexibility in various automotive assembly lines with high precision motion control, comprising circular and linear electrical cam profile and interpolation. Additionally, this AC servo drive from Mitsubishi helps IT firms take cognizance of sophisticated logistics coordination and weed out errors in mechanical processes that tend to be repetitive in nature. High-speed material handling and extremely precise positioning systems based on servo drives lead to heightened productivity without consuming too much energy. This servo drive also enables packaging industries to fine tune several packaging operations starting from accelerated filling that calls for an extraordinarily precise and sustaining feed rate.

Sunda Tech (HK) Ltd Releases Its Latest Range Of Industry Automation Products And Electrical Field Components

The HC103BT-SZ Mitsubishi Servo Motor serves new fangled requirements pertaining to driving control by furnishing high performance, rigidity, and adaptability in system arrangements exclusive to a direct drive. A wide array of servo motors is available in a range of capacities for serving numerous system applications For instance these servo motors can be used in bonders, inserters, and mounters, PCB drilling machines, in-circuit testers, label printers, knitting and embroidery machines, compact robots and robotic hand sections. Then again, they find use in materials handling systems, dedicated machines, robots, winders, tensions units, X-Y tables, turrets. They are used in food packaging machines, printers, injection molding machines, and press machines, roll feeders, loaders and unloaders, super high-throughput material handling systems.

This Mitsubishi Servo Motor HC103BT-Z finds applications in conveyors, tension machines, winders, food processing machines and so on and so forth. Coming to MR-J2S-40B-PY135 Mitsubishi Servo Drives, these are extensively used in present day semiconductor manufacturing process. The diameter of wafer is burgeoning but the components are diminishing in size. In order to meet the requirements of increased productivity without compromising on quality, these Mitsubishi servo drives serve as high-resolution encoders resulting in accurate and fast positioning at stabilized speeds.

These servos aid in flexible mounting of electronic components in printed circuit boards at high speeds and accuracy. There are linear servos also function as comprehensive actuators when it comes to producing consistently flat panel displays. These servos are also instrumental in advancing synchronous systems solutions in the printing industry with respect to paper feeding, printing, cutting, and assembly functions.

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Sunda Tech (HK) Ltd is a premier distributor of a near countless types of industrial automation components and sections like battery, hand wheel, modules, and circuit breakers of established OEM companies.

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