Jimarcus Blandin releases new financial literacy book, “GOOD CREDIT IS COOL, GREAT CREDIT IS SEXY”

Business executive, business coach and mentor, Jimarcus Blandin, launches his new book, “GOOD CREDIT IS COOL, GREAT CREDIT IS SEXY” where he teaches the art of financial literacy and credit repair

Jimarcus Blandinis the CEO of a couple of companies with the list including FYI Business and Financial Solutions Inc, J. Blandin Enterprises, and Conversion Real Estate Solutions Inc. He recently announced the launch of his book titled“GOOD CREDIT IS COOL, GREAT CREDIT IS SEXY,”where he explicitly discussed credit education and how people can repair their credit using the DIY approach.

Credit is one of the major things that most people battle. Due to the importance of having good credit scores and how virtually every aspect of personal finance and other such facilities are tied to it, it has become imperative for people to maintain a decent score. People with a relatively bad credit scores are also somewhat obligated to repair their credit to allow them benefits from the different financing opportunities available to others with better credit.

While having a good credit score or repairing a bad one is obviously very important today, there is not enough education on how people can maintain or repair their credit. Books like “GOOD CREDIT IS COOL, GREAT CREDIT IS SEXY”are consequently important to provide a step-by-step guide for credit repair and education. The book can be described as a detailed guide on how Jimarcus Blandin was able to make a transition from being a college graduate with tons of bills and bad credit to attaining financial freedom.

Described as “The Credit Beast,”Jimarcus compiled the book putting into consideration his experiences as someone having multiple credit card debt, car repossessions, evictions, medical bills, and a lack of proper knowledge for credit restoration. After educating himself by investing in training, books, and even people, the business coach came out of his predicament and subsequently built a somewhat business empire for himself where he continues to train himself and help others get out of financial mediocrity plagued with bad credit and move into financial independence and good credit.

The Board Certified Credit Professional in the bookalso included a sample dispute letter to serve as a guide for persons trying to write for the correction of errors in a bid to repair their credit. The book is not only meant for individuals looking to repair their credit, but is also great for business finance, as businesses look to improve their financial stand and become more financially viable for lenders and investors.

“GOOD CREDIT IS COOL, GREAT CREDIT IS SEXY”is currently available on Amazon for interested persons and is already receiving accolades from different quarters, described as the roadmap to credit repair DIY. “What I really like about this book is that it is very informative, but not boring! Unlike other books I’ve read regarding credit repair, it kept my attention and that made it easy to read. I read the entire book in one afternoon. I found many aspects of the book to be interesting and educational. In particular, I found the breakdown of medical collections to be useful because of the detail provided. Overall, the information provided coupled with the sample letters is a roadmap to credit repair DIY. I also like that FYI business contact information is provided in the event that you want the assistance of a professional. The book has everything!” says Vanessa M Behrens.

About Jimarcus Blandin

Jimarcus Blandin is a Board Certified Credit Professional, Certified Credit Score Professional, Certified FCRA Expert and an Ambassador to a growing community of professionals. The CEO of FYI Business and Financial Solutions Inc, J.Blandin Enterprises, and Conversion Real Estate Solutionsis poised with empowering, educating, and helping others to understand the importance of maintaining a great credit profile. As part of his contribution to the world, Jimarcus Blandin recently announced the release of his book “GOOD CREDIT IS COOL, GREAT CREDIT IS SEXY,”where he gave a detailed DIY approach to maintaining and repairing credit.

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