Experience intense thrill from Stone Spicer’s breathtaking adventure story

Coupeville, Washington, USA, 17 November 2017- Adventure stories are always so exciting to read. What is better than reading an interesting adventure story, is reading an adventure story told with a very deep understanding and knowledge of the origin of the story. Stone Spicer writes a mind-blowing adventure story titled ‘Hidden So Deep

Hidden So Deep is about a weekend adventure on a remote island in the middle of Kaneohe Bay by a group of friends. Their peace is shattered by an audacious midnight theft of a boat. Just as Kensington Stone manages to organize the search, Teri White, Stone’s partner, receives an urgent phone call from their friend, Pops Koa. His daughter Viane, also Stone and Teri’s dear friend, has apparently disappeared while hiking on the Island of Hawaii. The only clues found are a pickup truck, obviously hot-wired, and her hiking hat found far off a rugged trail on Mauna Loa.

Stone and Teri’s instincts to help become necessarily conflicted. Finding Viane is of utter urgency and finding their friend’s boat an irrepressible tug of responsibility on Stone that he must balance.

While the search for the boat spreads and the hunt for Viane gains footing as the search party zeroes in on her likely whereabouts a sudden earthquake centered directly beneath where they suspect she is. Before they can reach her, Viane is pushed closer to certain death.

The author is a relatively new author with a deep understanding and knowledge of the Hawaiian Islands, where his stories originate. He also says “You can change your life simply by altering your thoughts”

This book is filled with a lot of imaginative illustrations written in well structured and simple English. It is guaranteed to wow its readers and keep them on the edge of their seats in agitation as they pace through from page to page.

This amazing book is available for purchase through the Amazon link https://www.amazon.com/Hidden-So-Deep-Stone-Spicer/dp/1947938142/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1508177549&sr=1-1&keywords=Hidden+so+Deep+toplink


About the author

Stone Spicer spent his youth living in a host of cities across Canada, the United States and Australia. In 1960, a teenager on his own, he migrated to Hawaii, fell in love with the islands and its people and adopted it as a home for the next forty-plus years. He married a Hawaiian-Japanese woman and, with a degree in business from the University of Hawaii, enjoyed a successful career in the printing industry in Honolulu while he and his wife raised their two sons.

His writing reflects a determination to resurrect treasured parts and places of old Hawaii—monuments of Nature and of man that have succumbed the ravages of time.  He attempts to weave these treasured places into the fiber of his stories.

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