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“We\’re going to change your brand of jerky!”
Williams and Conner is a premium, USDA approved, old-fashioned jerky bursting with real flavor without nitrites or added preservatives. Whether it be the 3 oz bags of jerky adventure, the Texas Sized Big Strip bags, or the shredded jerky favorite, Moo Chew, Williams and Conner Beef Jerky has just the right product for a homemade taste all of your customers will love.

Williams & Conner Beef Jerky is a premium USDA approved jerky bursting with real flavor without nitrites or added preservatives. 

Williams & Conner started as two students, Brady Williams and Troy Conner, studying anesthesia, needing a break from school. They became fast friends. Williams had a good recipe and a Ronco dehydrator (cleverly given to his wife for her crafting several Christmas’ prior) and Conner had a taste for quality and spices. Many sticks of jerky were consumed during those late night study groups. After graduation, Williams & Conner ended up practicing anesthesia together in Uvalde, TX.

Williams & Conner began to challenge each other to newer heights, since they no longer had tests to study for. The first challenge was weight lifting. Little did they know this would change their lives. During their workout sessions, they would discuss various work issues, politics, and current events, but the highlight of the day was who had come up with “the next million dollar idea”. Ideas ranged from kitchen devices, to healthy snack alternatives, and medical modifications. They would always talk about how their jerky recipe would add value to the lives of not only hunters but those seeking a healthy life style. A few days into the new year of 2005, Conner issued the ultimate challenge – “Let’s stop talking about our ideas and start doing something about them.”

So, a small make-shift jerky lab was established in the Williams home. Batch after batch, modification after modification, research on top of research – and Williams & Conner, LLC was born. Many things were learned: 1) Quality knives are very sharp, 2) Jerky trays must be covered with Teflon overlays before placing meat on them – or clean up is not fun. 3) Meat does not get cut in Williams’ bedroom – even if it is on a cutting block. They spent one and a half years preparing for USDA approval and developing a professional look to match their superior product. Three years later they were expanding their plant to be able to increase production by 600%. This was to accommodate both increased local and area accounts as well as several larger grocery and convenience store chains. Williams & Conner has also been approached to help other companies with their private label beef jerky! We have experienced tremendous growth in their short ten-year existence. We began in one local convenience store in Uvalde, Texas and grew to handling the jerky needs of the Texas based H-E-B grocery chain (250+ stores) as well as distributing through 3 McLane distribution centers for the Stripes Corporation (400+) throughout Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. Market trends show a large segment of jerky lovers desire and are willing to pay for a premium, extraordinary tasting jerky without all the added preservatives. Williams & Conner Beef Jerky is filling this niche in the 1.5 billion dollar jerky market.

All of this success because of our customers sharing their jerky adventure with others. Our explosive growth is even more remarkable when you consider it has all been by word-of-mouth, a “Taste it and Tell a Friend” method of promotion! It’s an old fashioned concept that has created a legion of loyal Williams & Conner Beef Jerky fans. The word “addicted” is one we often hear when customers call the plant with a testimonial.

Williams & Conner Beef Jerky takes great pride in making quality products your customers will love. Our motto is “We’re going to change your brand of jerky”. We have 3 current flavors (Hickory, Mesquite, and Pepper Trio), Texas Size Big Strip Jerky, as well as our Moo Chew Shredded Beef Jerky for you to see, smell, and taste the Williams and Conner difference.

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