New Collage Click-Face Swap app receives good response from the users

Collage Click-Face Swap is the newly launched mobile application for both iOS and Android users that has received good ratings from the users so far. The app, developed by Japanese developer Sato allows the user to swap or switch faces from two pictures quickly for fun. “Our app provides better results as compared to other similar apps that only swap the face in a circle. By detecting the natural face shape, this app swaps the face with other picture in a better way”, says Sato talking about his new app.

Face Swap is a face editor app that follows the natural face shape to cut the face from one picture and swap it onto another body with different background. With a few simple clicks, the app can be used to achieve results similar to using highly advanced photo editor apps. The app is developed for fun and to enable the user to enjoy cool photo effects for free. A video demonstration of the app is available at

Collage Click works by putting the face part of the photo on a different background to create a completely new image by replacing the face in the background picture. This allows the users to try on different hairs, looks, backgrounds, and settings to see how they look in them. The users can create funny pictures or put their face on glamorous outfits, costumes and change hairstyles for seeing how it looks on them. The app allows the users to create amazing picture combinations as far as their imagination goes.

Collage Click can be used to put a 3-year-old kid’s face on an adult body or an adult’s face on a kid’s body and so on. Apart from face swaps, the app can also be used to create Christmas or other occasion greeting cards. They can use the app to put funny pictures on gifts, do gender swap, masquerading the face and more.

The app features a user-friendly interface that allows the user to quickly transform their photos and do face swaps. It uses advanced algorithms to detect natural face shape and provides results similar to expensive photo editing software. The face will blend perfectly with the background creating a seamless transformation. The users can also create synthetic images and leave off the facial features.

The app is available for free download on Google Play and iTunes.

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