Sara Oehman Launches Unika Ungar Eco-Friendly Kids Clothing Line, Seeks Kickstarter Community Funding Support

Sara Oehman seeks Kickstarter community support for the Unika Ungar project.

Sara Oehman, a mom, economist, and entrepreneur who loves textiles and creative children, has appealed to the Kickstarter community to help her in funding her dream project Unika Ungar. It combines the best of textiles and highly creative designs by smart kids.

“Our Kickstarter campaign is aimed at raising the funding needed for manufacturing and marketing Unika Ungar brand of unique ecological clothes of high quality for kids,” says Sara Oehman about her innovative business venture. “These clothes are locally produced in Sweden while the designs are inspired by children’s drawings. The aim is to produce high quality and environmentally certified children’s clothing designed by children and made in the country.”

The passion for creating unique clothing for kids was triggered in Sara when she saw the very detailed drawing by Edvin, her five-year old nephew. Her unique clothing line has been inspired by drawings of children. These designs reveal the innate desire of kids and how they use their creativity to express themselves through art. When kids draw, they simply draw from their heart and mind without following any rules or conditions.

Unika Ungar will be produced entirely in Sweden. Sara wants to reduce the hassles of transportation and provide good working conditions for factory workers. She is also concerned about earth’s dwindling resources and wants to find ways of avoiding wastage. She is keen to contribute to the protection of environment in whatever way possible, so that future generation of kids can also enjoy the wonderful gifts of nature.

Sara Oehman is a stickler for quality and is absolutely firm that all the clothes she creates must be of the highest quality and have the smartest designs. They can be washed regularly and even handed down to another child later. A simple example of this is the use of extra-long sleeves on sweaters and extra-long cuffs on pants. They allow reoccurring usage of these clothes for a long time. Another key aspect of Unika Ungar is that the fabric used will be completely non-toxic and ecologically produced.

The clothes designed by Sara are practical to ensure that they can be put on the kids without any hassles. For instance, the hoodie designed by her has no buttons or tight collar. It can be simply pulled over the head. The creative design ensures full protection over the throat and the head from cold and wind. The pants and leggings created by Sara are extra high at the waist to allow children to move freely while playing. They can also use the clothes for long despite kids growing fast. This is an environment-friendly move.

The Kickstarter campaign started by Sara Oehman has a financial target of SEK 200,000. The deadline for meeting the target is 1 December, 2017.

About Unika Ungar:

Unika Ungar is a line of children’s wear with designs by kids. It is the endeavor of economist and entrepreneur Sara Oehman who is also a mom. The eco-friendly kids clothes are made from high quality fabrics and produced locally in Sweden. All the designs on these clothing are inspired by drawings by kids.

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