LiquidGlass Tech: Revolutionary Surface Protection is Launching Soon on Kickstarter

Singapore, SG – LiquidGlass Tech is excited to announce the upcoming launch of their Kickstarter campaign for LiquidGlass, a new line of Superhydrophobic Nanotechnology products that are designed to protect various surfaces against liquid and stains. These affordable protective coating products make cleaning fast and hassle free, saving you time and money!


“There are certain situations that happen to all of us throughout our daily lives. Sometimes, we can’t avoid spilling liquid or getting stains on our precious belongings,” the creators explain, “There’s no better way to protect your belongings from the unpredictability of everyday life. If you, like us, are tired of water-marks, mold, discoloration, fungi, algae and irritating maintenance, LiquidGlass was made for you.”

LiquidGlass Tech specializes in Superhydrophobic and Hydrophobic Nanotechnology material surface protection coating. The company develops innovative new surface coating technologies that are designed to replace conventional coatings and create leading-edge products. LiquidGlass products are transparent, odorless, water-based, non-toxic & non-flammable.

For this Kickstarter campaign, the team is introducing three products for use on different kinds of material:

  • Textile Protect (200ml): Perfect for keeping your fabrics clean and liquid free – better than chemical cleaners that damage your textiles. Works on almost all kinds of material, including canvas, cotton, suede, velvet, denim, and polyester.
  • Stone Protect (200ml): Protects mineral surfaces from liquid damage caused by sulphate and chloride particles coming to the surface and drying or ‘flowering’. Works on mineral surfaces including sandstone, concrete, terracotta, sandstone, cement and brick walls.
  • Glass Protect (100ml): Over time, organic and Inorganic pollutants such as rain, water, dust, car fumes, and smoke will sit on surfaces and fill up the surface holes, creating a layer of dirt which will lead to corrosion, buildup of calcium and hard water stain. LiquidGlass Glass Protect is designed to protect all types of flat glass & glazed ceramics by repelling rain, water and other common types of contaminated liquids. Protects car windows, shower screens, glazed ceramic tiles, and even phone and tablet screens.

LiquidGlass protective coating products are created using molecules of silicon dioxide (Si02), an inert substance that surrounds us in nature. SiO2 can be found naturally in water, plants, animals and earth. The SiO2 layer on the surface of your items is so thin that elasticity is guaranteed without changing the look, feel or other properties of the material.


“Any pledge amount brings us one step closer to continue our research and development,” said the team, “Our goal is to introduce more innovative products that bring convenience, and peace of mind in your everyday lives.”

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including a 100ml bottle of Glass Protect for $19 USD, a 200ml bottle of Stone Protect or Textile Protect for $22, and more. Backers can also pledge $41 for two bottles of Stone Protect or Textile Protect. Backers from South East Asia, China, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe will receive their rewards with free shipping.

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below.

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