Top 5 Heirloom Pepper Varieties for Pepper Lovers to Grow

“The best heirloom pepper varieties for home gardening”
Home and Garden America reveals the Top 5 heirloom pepper varieties that pepper lovers can plant in their backyards.

Carson City, NV, November 18, 2017 – The pepper is among one of the most beloved crops in the whole world. They are found not just in grocery stores and local markets but in many backyard gardens as well. The fact that more gardeners are now growing them right at home is proof to the immense popularity of this delicious crop. Newly planted pepper plants are a common sight at the start of every gardening season, especially in households that love peppers.

In particular, heirloom pepper varieties have a huge following within the gardening community. Gardeners simply adore them for their remarkable colors, shapes, sizes and flavor profiles. Whether they are hot or sweet, heirloom peppers offer distinct flavors that make alluring to pepper-loving gardeners.

“If you’re a serious pepper lover, you can easily get the best flavors if you grow your own heirloom peppers,” says an heirloom gardening expert from Home and Garden America. “Heirloom varieties are nothing like the peppers you can buy anywhere; their flavors are far richer and tastier than non-heirloom types. Once you try an heirloom pepper, other types of peppers will always taste inferior to you.”

According to the expert, homegrown heirloom peppers have the best taste of all because they are fresher. They can be harvested straight from one’s garden and enjoyed right away. For pepper lovers who wish to have pepper plants of their own, the Home and Garden America expert recommends these 5 heirloom varieties:

California Wonder
Since 1928, the California Wonder has been the standard of all bell peppers. Decades have passed and this variety still remains the all-time favorite for gardening, thanks to its sweet flavor, thick flesh, bright colors and high yields. Now a staple in the kitchen, the California Wonder is the perfect choice for pepper lovers who enjoy stuffed and grilled heirloom peppers at home.

Cayenne Long Red Thin
As the name suggests, this heirloom is known for producing long, thin and bright red peppers. Ever since the seeds became available in 1883, the Cayenne Long Red Thin has been used both as a spice and a medicinal remedy. Extremely hot and packed with flavors, these little hot peppers are suitable for pickling, canning, drying and making chilis and salsa.

Thinner and longer than the average bell pepper, the Cubanelle comes in a yellow-green color that turns red when left to ripen. This delicious type of sweet pepper has long been part of Cuban and Puerto Rican cuisines. Ideal for roasting, stuffing or simply adding aromas to dishes, the Cubanelle is a must-try for sweet pepper lovers.

Early Jalapeno
Those who want a head start in the gardening season can go for the Early Jalapeno. The variety takes its name from the city of Xalapa (also spelled Jalapa) in Veracruz, Mexico. This hot chili is an early crop that ripens much quicker than other types of Jalapeno peppers. Pepper lovers who are crazy about Mexican dishes will truly love this heirloom.

Originating from the Mexican mountains, the Serrano is famous for its extreme heat. Although similar in appearance with the Jalapeno variety, this heirloom is actually 5 times spicier. Characterized by its bright, juicy, crispy and tangy taste, the Serrano gives that much-needed kick in salsas and pico de gallo dishes. Chili pepper fans will certainly have a blast growing this hot heirloom in the garden.

From bell peppers to chili peppers, there are plenty of choices in heirloom pepper varieties to plant at home. Once the planted pepper plants are ready to harvest, the real fun starts for the pepper-loving gardener.

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