Aurum: High Quality Window Cleaning in Toronto

For a sparkling clean that’s second to none.

Aurum has professional window cleaning services that offer the most qualified professional at a reasonable rate. Everyone t some point another has to get their windows cleaned and doing so can be a very dangerous task. Aurum has a website located at and they have free estimates to see exactly how much it would cost for per job. They do offer other service such as gutter cleaning or pressure washing. The list goes on and on.

Gutter cleaning needs are services Aurum offers to clean all the sludge and leaves as well as other debris from the gutter. Aurum says that it is important to get the gutters cleaned out because it can cause sagging overtime which leads to damage of the gutter. There are other services they offer that benefits the gutter and that is installing a gutter guard. The gutter guard make to where there is minimum cleaning and it prevents ice in the gutter that cause clogging also.  With the gutter guard it reduces the risk of fire by preventing the build up of dry leaves and twigs.

Carpet cleaning is another service they offer that strives to remove tough stains and the such. They leave a carpet guard that protects the carpet from further damage and they provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They use all-natural products that are eco-friendly. The smell that remains in the house is all natural so there are no harmful effects.

Time and money saving the Chandelier Cleaning is an option Aurum offers. The cleaning protects against damage and dust build up. The company uses professional grade cleaning products which makes the glass crystal clear and the brass shiny and brand new. Careful care is taken, and each piece is hand cleaned and detailed.

 From fences to concrete and everything in between they offer services of pressure washing to remove all bugs, stains and mildew. Aurum uses professional machinery and professional grade cleaning products. This also offers the service of removing primer or paint to strip decks and house for a new coat.

Air leaks and water leaks can be a major problem in windows and Aurum has a fix for that too. They offer window caulking that prevents air flow and water damage to a home or business.

Aurum Window Cleaning offers many services other than just window cleaning. The products they use are professional grade and the website offers valuable information on their services including price estimates. Just locate a contact page on their site as well as any additional information listed above.

Media Contact
Company Name: Aurum Window Cleaning
Contact Person: Michael Morozov
Phone: 1-800-749-0532
Address:16-30 Pennsylvania Ave
City: Vaughan
State: Ontario
Country: Canada