Inspire Change Wellness: Vancouver’s Premier Addiction Rehab Center for Men

Top Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center Providing Support and Solutions for Men in Vancouver

Addiction recovery can seem like an uphill battle, but the trained staff of professionals at Inspire Change Wellness are prepared to assist men seeking recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol.  The male only environment allows men to open up completely about their struggles, which can be hard to do in co-ed environments.  Additionally, Inspire Change Wellness can offer a customized recovery plan unique to each individual.  They believe in treating the whole person, not just the addiction.  Each recovery plan is specifically designed to heal clients mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Addiction can be a difficult illness to deal with, especially for men.  Most men are made to feel as if they should “man up” and quit cold turkey with whatever substances they may be abusing.  They may also be made to feel that they should not confront the emotional and mental issues that may lead to and are caused by addiction.  Inspire Change Wellness encourages their clients to seek the root of their addictions in order to overcome them.

Inspire Change Wellness is very successful at treating any addictions their clients may come to them with, including alcohol, heroin, marijuana, prescription drugs, and more.  The vast majority of graduates of their programs go on to lead positive and successful lives.  They back up their service with a guarantee that anyone who completes their program fully will receive free aftercare in the event of relapse.

Inspire Change Wellness uses a variety of tools to ensure successful recovery of their clients.  Their holistic approach mean that they treat each person uniquely.  They understand that everyone is different and has had a different life experience, and that to defeat addiction the root cause must be addressed.  They explore past traumas and evaluate relationships to understand each client fully and how best to approach recovery.  Another method used by Inspire Change Wellness is to involve family and loved ones into the recovery process.  Many times, those in recovery are locked into isolation with other addicts, and have limited access to their families and others outside.  They encourage contact with those close to their clients and offer family counseling to help heal wounds that may have led to or been cause by addiction.

About Inspire Change Wellness

Inspire Wellness Change is often cited as the best addiction rehab clinic in the Vancouver, BC area.  They have a team of dedicated and experienced addiction counselors and qualified therapists to help men recover from difficult addictions.  They offer many services that you will not find at other addiction centers, including a gourmet chef and fitness and yoga classes on site.  They have on staff doctors of psychology and master’s degree therapists with many years of service in the addiction recovery specialization.

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