Ozymes Obtains Us Patent for Its Enzyme Technology

Nowadays, many people are interested in natural, enzymatic/biological cleaning products. This is why Ozymes develops the best products using the best Enzyme Technology for which they have got US Patent.

Québec, Canada – November 20, 2017: Nowadays, most environmentally conscious people are aware of the importance of natural and safe cleaning products. With the intention of producing the best products, Ozymes, the Quebec biotechnology company is thrilled to announce the issuance of its U. S. Patent No. US9752131 B2 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Ozymes thus becomes the very first Canadian company to offer a patented enzyme technology on an industrial scale for its revolutionary, 100% organic and biodegradable cleaning products.

Enzymatic cleaners compared to traditional cleaners are known to be safer for the environment and human health. They can also perform residual cleaning after the product application and they can penetrate into very small cracks and crevices and eliminate soils and malodors that traditional chemicals often cannot remove. In addition to these general enzymatic characteristics, Ozymes provides enzymatic activities that have advantageous properties for various applications as reported in the patent recently obtained. Some of these properties include improved stability in the presence of an oxidizing agent, improved stability in the presence of an organic solvent, and improved enzymatic activity at a broader range of temperatures and pH.

With these benefits associated with enzymes, Ozymes have developed many products with their patent-pending Enzyme Technology to produce cleaning products that are safe, efficient and enjoyable to use.  The products of this company are grouped under different categories like degreasing, industrial cleaning solutions, domestic cleaning solutions, industrial solutions, feed activities, vegetable oil extraction, and enhanced oil recovery. Ozymes offer the specialized expertise necessary to develop new enzyme-based products that are far more efficient and safe than current products.

In Quebec, Ozymes has recently distributed four of its products through Novaco, a Lévis distributor specializing in the agricultural and residential sectors. In addition, OZYMES signed last year a partnership with the Quebec company Un Pas Vert le Futur, which commercializes the whole range of OZYMES products under its private label. Also, the Canadian industrial distributor Ameta Solution has chosen to distribute two OZYMES products for its wholesale and online sales under its private label brands last March

Ozaclean, which is a subsidiary of Ozymes, was created in the summer of 2017 to take over the online sales segment for 3 of Ozymes flagship products: Ozanet, Ozasteal, and Ozaneutre. The products are also available on Amazon.

Ozymes is in the process of obtaining accreditation from Health Canada (GNT/BPF) for two of its newly developed products. These disinfectants are unique in the world with a neutral pH, and will soon be marketed under the names Perozyme and Thymozyme.

Ozymes is also currently working on the development of a thirteenth product dedicated to the recreational vehicle market. This product is in the test phase and will be useful for the treatment of septic tanks and tanks for RVs. It will also be ideal for treating grease traps in restaurants.

For more information, please visit: www.Ozymes.ca

About Ozymes

Ozymes is an innovative biotechnology company that offers manufacturers, and consumers specialized enzymes for a wide range of applications that include vegetable oil extraction, feed additives, and industrial cleaning. The company seeks to be an active part of the national and local research community. This is why the company has established associations with some of the most prestigious research institutions in Canada.

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