Insyl launches Great Minds, the storybooks for kids on success and achievement

Insyl has announced the launch of “Great Minds”, a collection of storybooks for kids based on success and achievement. The company has launched the books on Kickstarter with a goal of raising $15860 and so far it has received good response from the backers. The fundraising campaign also provides a chance to the backers to order individual or a complete set of storybooks by choosing certain rewards.

Insyl presents a comprehensive set of children’s books that explain the essential concepts of life in an easy to understand manner for the young kids. These books assist the teens in developing focus, motivation, confidence, goal setting, and time management skills. The books are crafted for two specific age groups in mind that are 5+ and 7+. The Insyl book series is divided into three units, each dealing with specific concepts such as financial education, Positive Psychology, and artistic consciousness.

The financial education category teaches the readers about managing money and inspires them to begin saving early in life. Some of the stories in this category include the Debt Dragon Dilemmas, Budgeting Badger, the story of changing cat and more. Similarly, the Positive Psychology category of storybooks features stories that teach essential life skills. Some of the stories are titled Focused Falcon, Timely Turtle and Sleepy Snail, Mantis and the DragonFly etc. The books under Artistic consciousness category are created with an aim to boost imagination and creativity of the young minds. The books in this category feature pictures of the famous paintings and a story behind it, derived from the renowned artist’s life experience and perspective.

Insyl has considered the fact that only 17% of the teens in the US have any idea on how to manage their money while more than half lack basic workplace and life skills. In the modern world dominated by technology, gadgets and social media, the kids aren’t able to learn the basic life and work skills properly through the right medium. Additionally, the statistics showed that 3 out of 4 teens turn for financial advice to their parents which is why there is a need to teach the necessary work and life skills to the teens through educational yet fun books.

So far, Insyl presents four main products that are the Published Books, Ebook, Audio Book and Study Guides. The Published books are in plan for the following year. The study guides help the readers in analyzing and understanding what they have learned through the storybooks. Each study guide has 15-20 pages filled with information about lessons from the stories and an activity that will assist the teens to incorporate the values and ideas taught in each of the books into their everyday life. More information about the storybooks can be found on the Kickstarter page.

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