Roc O Star launches his single “Driving”, first part of the mini-movie anthology inspired by his life

Upcoming alternative rock sensation Roc O Star has announced the launch of his new single “Driving” on Spotify and YouTube. The music video is first of the five-part mini-movie anthology titled “Face 2 Face” that is inspired by the singer’s life itself. It provides the viewers an insight into the life of new artist where they see him at a point where he goes against his better judgment, allowing himself to make risky and foolish decisions that end up costing him more than what he anticipated or bargained for.

The popular music artists such as Muddy Waters, Prince, Bruno Mars, NWA, Linkin Park, Cardi B, Gucci Mane and more inspire Roc O Star. He strives to create music that touches the hearts of the user with a beat that remains stuck in their head for quite a while. He describes himself as the combination of talent and rock music along with a realistic story that creates combustion that is poised to change the face of rock music, as we know it.

Apart from being a talented and emerging singer and artist, Roc O Star is a solid producer and writer who have been working behind the scenes for quite sometime. He is also a loving father and a successful gym owner. He had his own share of struggles in life which turned him into a stronger person. He went through a phase of life when he felt into the ill tracks of the urban society but soon realized that he needs to make a better life for himself. At present, he is putting all his energy and soul into creating good quality music that hits the audience in the right manner.

Roc O Star inherited the gift of music from his father, who unfortunately had a tragic death due to alcohol abuse. Roc o Star did all that was necessary to survive, learning from his mistakes and moving ahead in life.Growing up everyone was into rap but I always wanted to be different so rock and a mix of soul was my thing – then a touch of hip-hop help me create my style.  Rock Music like rap is a way I can express real-life issues and help others make better choices than I did.

His new single “Driving” is about a father hustling to be a provider of life essentials to his son while the next in this collection will be titled War, Smile, She Works, and City, each reflecting a different aspect of his life. More information about the artist can be found on his official website .

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