YokeyPokey Offers Virtual Reality Equipped Venue to Relax, Celebrate or Just Have Fun with VR Games, 360 Degree Cinema and Art

November 20, 2017 – Futuristic technologies always hold a mysterious sway, with many surprises in store. The world of virtual reality and gaming can now be experienced right away without having to wait for the future to unfold. YokeyPokey now offers a venue full of mind bending gadgets that can be hired for relaxation, holiday parties, celebrations and corporate events.

YokeyPokey is offering a 2017 holiday party package at its Brooklyn space where visitors can get a taste of VR experiences, a 360 degree video library, immersive technologies, and virtual reality art. The venue welcomes those looking to have a futuristic year-end celebration, holiday parties, or simply birthday celebrations and after-work group events. The package includes snacks, food and drinks, and there will be helpful staff to set up the gadgets, explain and troubleshoot for maximum fun.

Anyone curious to know the latest and greatest in virtual reality can arrive at YokeyPokey and experience cutting edge VR technologies. Membership packages allow scheduling the time and making it a learning experience as well. The venue can accommodate teams comprising up to 40 people, and offers custom built packages for specific requirements.

At YokeyPokey, one can go for an Immersive Me one hour experience with 360 degree cinema, or try gaming and painting an immersive 3D world. The library comprises breathtaking games and VR experiences, including project cars VR, fruit ninja VR, space pirate trainer, Spiderman VR, superhot VR, tilt brush art, nightfall, or job simulator.

“YokeyPokey isn’t just for kids. A group of 8 colleagues were able to rent the whole space for an hour and each one of us was able to enjoy ourselves a ton. There are a variety of VR games, from racing to zombie shooters. They also have an assortment of VR headsets available, so no one was standing idle. The staff was very helpful to us and making sure our gear was applied and working properly. Good times for all ages,” said a recent visitor to YokeyPokey.

About YokeyPokey Virtual Reality

YokeyPokey brings VR to everyone through private parties, team outings, fundraisers or corporate events in our location a block away from Barclays center or to any location of our clients choosing. We cater the experiences to our guests and their passions.

Fighting zombies, becoming the next race car driver, traveling the world, or stepping into a painting that you created yourself are just some of the unique adventures our visitors experience through 360 degree videos and VR gaming. VR is new, fun, memorable, and makes your dreams a reality. Kids, teens and adults welcome, reserve your date today!

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