\’Hanneli and Anne\’ by Utah Filmmaker Sally Meyer Receives Top Awards

“Sally Meyer, writer, director, and producer of the award-winning short film Hanneli and Anne.”
Hanneli and Anne written, produced, and directed by Sally Meyer has received Best Film and several more awards. The film is co-directed by Ali Barr, and stars Camrey Bagley Fox and Avery Pizzuto.

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – The film “Hanneli and Anne” received seven award nominations and four top film awards announced by the 2017 TV Series Guy Awards, according to the film’s publicist Dave Bresnahan.

The docu-drama is the true story of Anne Frank and Hannah (Hanneli) Pick-Goslar who were best friends from the time they were in kindergarten. Anne called her friend Hanneli, and the two were able to meet one last time just before Anne’s death in the Bergen Belsen German concentration camp, which is the basis for the film.

Hanneli survived, and was able to tell her story, which Sally Meyer says she felt compelled to put on film. She wrote the screenplay, then co-produced and co-directed the now award-winning short film.

Hanneli was one of the last people to see Anne Frank alive in the Bergen Belsen, concentration camp. They were reunited in the camp, but separated by a barbed wire fence. Tragically, Anne died in the camp just three weeks before liberation, but Hanneli survived.

Avery Pizutto won the award for Best Young Actress for her role as Anne Frank. “Her talent shines in the film as we see her character go through the toughest challenges you’ll ever see a character go through on screen. A very beautiful performance. We have not seen the last of her. Her best is yet to come,” said Kimberly Ranee Adamson for the 2017 TV Series Guy Awards.

Camrey Bagley Fox received Best Actress for her role as Hanneli. “Fox really captures the character and the story very well as we see her arc. She is an incredible actress and was the perfect choice for this role,” said Adamson.

Meyer received the Best Script award and together with her co-director Ali Barr received the award for Best Director.

“Sally Meyer is one of the best writers in our industry today. She has given us classics such as “Christmas for a Dollar”, “Miracle Maker” and finally “Hanneli and Anne”. Her creativity and talent has overcome difficult challenges that has made this film stronger than it could be. Sally is an Icon in our industry that very much deserves this award more than anyone,” said Adamson.

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