Expansion of iXAPACK GLOBAL operations in the US.

iXAPACK GLOBAL, a leading multinational corporation in the field of design and manufacture of innovative robotic packaging machinery, serving international food processing and cosmetics markets, proudly announces the launch of its U.S. subsidiary company, iXAPACK GLOBAL U.S.A.


iXAPACK GLOBAL now offers engineering support, know-how, design, installation, commissioning, training, after sale services, and parts for clients in the US.

Already established on the United States market through its installation of twenty four (24)complete lines operating at major U.S. food corporations, iXAPACK GLOBAL U.S.A. recently opened its U.S. Headquarters, service shop, and warehouse in Sarasota, Florida.

IXAPACK GLOBAL U.S.A has partnered with ALLIEDFLEX Technologies, Sarasota, FL for the Exclusive North American (Sales and Marketing of the IXAPACK Pouch Packaging Systems Product Line including Post Pasteurization, Robotic Top Load Multi-Pack Cartoning, Tray Packing, Case Packaging and complete Secondary Packaging Systems.

iXAPACK GLOBAL U.S.A. offers to U.S. clients the benefits of over 40 years of international expertise and excellence in the implementation of packaging machinery design and installation projects. The company also provides prompt installation follow-up and after sale services, as well as emergency technical advice and dispatch of parts.

Established in France in 1973, iXAPACK GLOBAL was one of the first French companies to offer solutions for complete packaging lines. Since then, iXAPACK GLOBAL has acquired 2 other companies in order to expand its unique offering of Standard Designs & Turnkey Customized Integrated Systems.

Today, iXAPACK consists of:

 • iXAPACK PACKAGING: Top Load Cartoning, Sleeving Machine, Case Packing, Palletizing, Handling Tunnels, Complete Line;

 • SELVEX: Dividing Machine, Slicing Machine, Control & Identification;

 • AUCOUTURIER: Flowpack, X-Fold Wrapping Machines.

iXAPACK’s GLOBAL international success and renown are due to the company’s completely integrated manufacturing process. Each project is executed entirely in-house. A staff of over 300 experienced, highly motivated professionals is dedicated to the development, manufacture, and installation of the most innovative and flexible packaging machinery worldwide. iXAPACK GLOBAL guarantees excellent, proactive service at the international level: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

iXAPACK GLOBAL U.S.A. brings to the U.S. market comprehensive technical solutions for the installation of completely automated packaging lines for all food industry (Dairy, Cheese, Bakery, Meat, Poultry, Chemicals, Cosmetics). iXAPACK GLOBAL is also a specialist for the solutions to pouches and doypack the European leader in the pouch packaging market (integrated-system handling tunnels, top load cartoner, case packer, and palletization). iXAPACK GLOBAL offers U.S. clients an unparalleled international experience coupled with exemplary credentials. (Dr Pepper, Tree top, Manzana, Harvest, GoGo squeeze, Charles & Alice, etc…)

By partnering with ALLIEDFLEX, the North American leader in the Pouch Packaging Market, IXAPACK U.S.A is well represented and supported by their broad Pouch System experience and excellent North American reputation.

We are most pleased to introduce the iXAPACK GLOBAL U.S.A Team:

Thierry MERLET, President; Patrick GERMAIN, Vice President; Fabien RICHARD, Project Engineer; François ALBERT, Project Engineer; Yoann LEROY, Automation & Controls Engineer;Joffrey BILLY, After Sales & Parts Manager.

Dennis Calamusa. President, ALLIEDFLEX Technologies, Inc. and his staff providing Sales and Marketing support to the IXAPACK U.S.A for North America including Canada and Mexico.

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