CreatorPal is all set to launch their ICO in December, invites investors

CreatorPal will soon be announcing the launch dates of their ICO which is estimated to begin next month in December 2017. The team behind CreatorPal invites investors to put their money into this project that promises to offer great potential in the coming period. The total number of created tokens is 70,000,000 to serve the short, mid and long-term investments. At the initial stage, the CreatorPal team will launch the short-term investment plan that will offer 10 million tokens, available for sale through the ICO. 2 years after that, the midterm investment plan will offer 20 million tokens, this will help improve CreatorPal platform infrastructure, and enhance its mainstream marketing reach, and the long-term investment will offer the remaining 40 million tokens, this will help the CreatorPal Foundation create more projects to keep increasing the value of CreatorPal in the market.

To purchase the CreatorPal ICO, the investors can register with a Crypto Currency exchange (To acquire Ether). They can buy Ethers by creating an account with a cryptocurrency exchange platform of their choice. Once the account is registered, the user can transfer the money from their bank to the account and have it exchanged for Ether which will be forwarded to an online wallet. They can easily set up their Ethereum wallet and participate in the ICO sale. The CreatorPal team advises the investors to secure their tokens once they receive them.

CreatorPal is a content creating platform that allows the individuals to launch their creative content on their platform and connect with the right audience. Unlike the other similar websites, this platform allows the content creators to set their own rules and permissions on who can see, edit or save the content published by them. They can let their content open for all kinds of the audience or target it to a specific audience depending on their requirement.

To use the CreatorPal platform the user can either sign up for free or access it as a visitor without registration. They can join it as a patron or creator. The patrons will be able to see both the content and the creators and the transaction will be enabled only after the registration. Additionally, the patrons can support or follow any creator of their choice and to access the contents of the chosen creator, a subscription fee will be required. The visitors will be able to see the proper terms and conditions including the charges and other legal requirements. The platform also provides brief video clips, image slides and text to the visitors along with an overview of the system upon registration.

CreatorPal posts regular updates on Facebook and Twitter and more information about the CreatorPal project can be found at

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