BMGoods launches comfortable neck pillow in grey and black

BMGoods has announced the launch of their latest neck pillow, available in two classic colors, black, and grey. The online store specializes in selling sophisticated travel essentials for the modern individuals at attractive prices. The newly launched travel pillow features a brand new design, different from the traditional neck pillows and provides all-around support to the neck and body for comfortable traveling long distances.

The travel pillow by BMGoods holds the user’s neck in ergonomic position during rest and claims to be better than the traditional u-shaped memory foam travel pillows. It is a modernized and unique version of the neck pillow that is half the size of regular travel pillow and weighs only 148 grams. It can be easily carried around in handbag or suitcase without taking up much space. The neck pillow is suitable to be worn while traveling by car, train, and plane. The pillow provides the right amount of support to the neck and head area to provide the ultimate comfort needed while traveling.

The travel pillow helps in relieving tension in neck and shoulders while sitting for long periods in the same position. By keeping the neck and shoulders comfortable, it also ensures that the wearer can enjoy their journey better and complete it without feeling physically drained. The pillow is constructed using soft and high-quality material and is machine washable.

The soft and lightweight material used to produce the pillow gives it a comforting and relaxing feel. Being compact and lightweight, it is easier to carry around during travel and doesn’t add much weight to the luggage. It retains its soft and fluffy properties even after multiple machine washes. The pillow’s innovative ergonomic design provides unmatched support to the neck by holding it upright to maintain proper neck alignment. The quality material used in the production makes sure that the pillow is durable and lasts for a long period of time.

Apart from traveling in trains, plane or car, the neck pillow can also be used at home for providing neck support while sleeping. It is also beneficial in cases of neck pain caused due to phubbing, sedentary work, long route driving, wrong sleeping posture, uncomfortable pillow height and more.

BMGoods will soon introduce more innovative products to make traveling easy for the modern individuals. More information about the products can be found at

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