Tokugawa Coin Announces that their ICO is almost Successful

November 20th, 2017: Tokugawa Coin announces the sales of over 250000 coins which entails that the ICO is almost successful and each coin goes for 50 cents.

While making the announcement the company representative said that users can contribute to TOK and start investing. The representative added that prospective developers and users are encouraged to use the tool early enough in the project cycle to make gains. Tokugawa Coin prides itself of having experienced developers who help in making a perfect coin. “We make sure that we provide the best of our coin, our experienced developers have always thought about the future and have made the right calculation to make the growth sustainable,” said the company representative.

With all the mechanisms that have been put in place, Tokugawa Coin expects huge success which has been partly achieved with 250000 coins already sold.

Tokugawa Coin is one of the first Japanese Masternode coin, it aims at providing the user and investors with a huge return on investment of one thousand per cent every year. To achieve this company representative said that the customers only have to purchase 2500 coins and make a Master node.

This promises the users eighty per cent of the rewards for every block. Those who are not able to buy the recommended 2500 coins are allowed to buy any number of coins and stake. Staking will give them twenty percent of the rewards per block. The coin is developed and managed by an independent person, one who does not buy the coins or codes, something that the company representative says allows the users to get regular maintenance and smooth flow of transactions.

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