MWD challenges the big eHealth players with new software for your smartphone

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MWD Health Manager is a multilingual web-based application for hospitals, home care facilitators, physicians and patients.

Ehealth, electronic access of medical records, and mhealth, mobile phone storage and access of this information, has become a major industry. According to Fred Slot, however, that has not translated into user-friendly, effective products.

For this reason, Fred has spent the past few years developing MWD® Health Manager iEHR, a multilingual web-based application for hospitals, physicians and patients. The MWD Health Manager, available as a smartphone app, provides a complete set of functions that enable the patient to follow doctor’s prescriptions and gather, maintain and analyze health conditions. It is particularly valuable for patients with chronic diseases.

“The patient disease management capabilities of most of today’s ehealth and mhealth gadgets vary from unreliable to poor to insufficient,” said Fred, a Rottrerdam, Netherlands, resident. “Managing data is not the same thing as managing a patient.”

A software designer who was diagnosed with diabetes in 2001, Fred developed a powerful, Internet-based method for doctors and patients to communicate. This new software system allowed him to follow his insulin therapy religiously and monitor blood sugar more accurately. After two years, he no longer needed insulin injections.

“What started as a self-care solution became a passion for promoting diabetes awareness and providing the best possible software solution for managing any long-term condition,” Fred said.

Using the MWD Health Manager iEHR, patients always have access to their data, simplify medication procedures and establish communications with doctors and health centers. All data is stored and communications are secure; doctors can monitor a patient’s progress only after being authorized by the patient.

This self-care software system is fully operative but has yet to be extensively marketed. Fred is estimating that he’ll need about $250,000 to promote the MWD Health Manager to individuals, hospitals, home care facilitators, physicians and professional management teams all over the world.

In order to generate this capital, he has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at

Donations of any amount are welcome. For just $5, backers can receive lifelong use of the PocketMWD app. Physicians can use the MWD Health Manager for $99, which includes connections to an unlimited number of patients. There is also a $5,000 perk for hospitals, home care facilitators and health care facilities; this consists of a fully branded app installation on the facility’s server.

“With this type of support system, the quality of life for patients with a chronic disease can be preserved or improved significantly, while at the same time making health care costs more predictable,” said Fred. “It will save lots of time and costs for all parties involved.”

For additional information, visit; the MWD Health Manager website,; or the MWD Health Manager Facebook page,

Fred can be reached directly at


Ongoing Analysis

Ongoing Analysis


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The System Map

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