Radiant Oil and Gas Announces Elimination of $37 Million of Institutional Debt

HOUSTON, TEXAS – 11/20/2017 —

Radiant Oil and Gas, Inc. (ROGI) announced today it has eliminated $37 million of institutional debt from one of its Joint Ventures. The institutional investor was able to sell assets which in turn satisfied the joint venture debt of $37 million. Radiant has also been negotiating on behalf of the joint venture to reduce and eliminate its remaining $4 million of vendor debt. According to the Company, the vendors have been receptive to these overtures and Radiant believes that it can settle these accounts for significant discounts or other options.As a result of these actions Radiant has emerged from the oil price collapse with little or no debt as compared with other companies.The institutional debt, on a fully diluted basis, amounted to ~$2.34/share at the time the institutional funding closed.

Radiant is in the process of securing additional equity funding to compliment a $4 million pledge to invest in its common stock which is subject to a project funding.This additional equity funding will help to support an overall $34,000,000 in financing being pursued which will be used to close the acquisition of 4 producing fields in Texas which are producing ~430 barrels of oil/day.

”This institutional debt satisfaction and vendor debt resolution is a key part of a series of initial steps taken to clean up our balance sheet and move forward with the execution ofa number of Radiant’s projects. We are looking forward to advancing theseprojects which we are confident will increase our asset base, generate positive cashflow and build shareholder value.” said Radiant CEO and Chairman John Jurasin.

Radiant  Oil and Gas Inc. is a Publicly Traded Company specializing in acquiring and redeveloping long lived conventional onshore fields along the U.S. Gulf Coast. These historically producing projects hold significant proven reserves that can benefit from the use of technology which was not available previously, but which can be utilized today.

Radiant’s conventional program is very profitable at today’s oil prices due to lower leasing,service and other costs; and low cost and easy to drill-low risk wells. This strategy is in contrast to those oil and gas companies that are working in shale plays, who have associated high finding and producing costs due to high priced leases and the risks and costs of fracking

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