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In today’s world it is becoming more and more apparent every day that mental health is an important part of being healthy overall. Having a healthy mind is key to a healthy body and vice versa. At Holistic Health Care Centre, they believe that the best way to care for yourself is with a holistic approach. Many therapy Centre’s advocate the use of synthetic medicine and technology when approaching mental health. At HHC Centre, they believe that using natural substances to treat causes rather than symptoms are the best approach for having a healthy state of being.

HHC Centre offers a wide variety of services from family and couple’s counseling to meditation and mindfulness classes and registered psychotherapy. In addition to the aforementioned therapy and counseling services, HHC Centre provides treatment for the body, with massage therapy, yoga, reflexology, nutrition, and other services. They truly believe in treating the “whole” person, not just prescribing medicine to treat various symptoms. The approach at HHC Centre is a proactive one that places emphasis on using natural and non-invasive treatment methods that improves your physical, mental, social, and spiritual wellbeing.

One of HHC Centre’s most effective services is psychotherapy treatment. This involves speaking with a licensed psychotherapist who can help patients gain a better understanding of their behaviors and emotions and the mental health conditions affecting them. Psychotherapy can be a great benefit to families and couples, as well as helping those with disorders or addictions. In order to help create lasting change, holistic psychotherapy institutes a depth oriented approach by utilizing common and uncommon methods. Some of these methods include Focusing Technique, Internal Family Systems therapy, Gestalt therapy, and others. The benefits of such methods and holistic psychotherapy are increased ability to deal with negative emotions, coping with life changes, and helping to understand your place in life.

If traditional methods and practices have not given you the results you seek for your mental and physical health then consider HHC Centre. With their wide range of offerings you are sure to find something get your mind and body where they belong.

About HHC Centre

HHC Centre is a premier provider of holistic health care for the Toronto, Ontario area. They believe in treating every person according to the understanding that each person is unique, and that total overall health is an ongoing process. Instead of just prescribing various medicinal or technological treatments to cure symptoms, they consider their patients physical, mental, and environmental factors to help improve patient’s health. With a dedicated and well-trained staff of therapists, counsellors, and holistic practitioners they aim to be a source of wellness for any in the Toronto area seeking to improve their wellbeing.  

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