Gerard Diefenthal Starts Kickstarter Campaign To Finance Dark Witches II, The Sequel To His Earlier Movie Of The Same Title

Gerard Diefenthal starts Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for his movie Darkside Witches II.

Gerald Diefenthal, the experienced Rome-based movie director specializing in visual effects, has chosen crowdfunding route on Kickstarter to raise funds for his project Darkside Witches II. It is the second part of the trilogy, The Return and a sequel to the successful horror movie Darkside Witches released in 2015.

“Dark Witches II will have more blood, more fright and more Lucrezia moments and horror action that you can ever imagine,” says Gerard Diefenthal about his latest venture. “The movie takes gothic/horror to a whole new level and will be shot on original locations with incredible special effects. Dark Witches II takes the story of Father Gabriel ahead with his continued fight against evil.”

For the uninitiated, Dark Witches I captured the gross and brutal massacre of the whole team of Father Gabriel by Pazuzu and its demons. The heads of the victims were impaled and their bodies are torn and scattered.  The whole village came under the curse of the evil demons with the horrific sights of burning corpses all around.

Father Gabriel is kidnapped by the black witch Lucrezia and kept a prisoner in the underworld. The lord of darkness signs a pact with Lucrezia to go against the Vatican and destroy them by creating an empire of demons and darkness with the help of the Devil. The role of Father Gabriel becomes crucial as he must find a way to escape from hell and save the human.

Dark Witches II promises to be more thrilling and exciting. Gerald wants to give fans of gothic/horror the chance to participate in the production process of the movie. They can be part of an experienced production unit and share credits with some of the top names in movie making. The Kickstarter community can become part of the production and creative team and contribute towards finalizing a great production.

Director Gerald Diefenthal plans to use the funds raised through the Kickstarter campaign to incorporate path-breaking technologies and create stunning visual effects. The movie will have Dolby Surrounds sound design, color correction, great editing and the best soundtrack.  According to the director, the funding is needed to give the movie a great technological finish.

Director Gerard Diefenthal and his team have planned some great rewards for the expanding Darkside Witches fans. There is something for someone at every level of contribution, from the standard T-shirts to Blu-rays.

The team also guarantees that every dollar earned from the Kickstarter campaign will go up on the screen to make Darkside Witches II. They will not be investing in any print stuff or hardware to promote the movie. Participants in the campaign can be producer or co-executive producer and might even get a chance to join the director and his team in Cannes 2018.

The Kickstarter campaign launched by Gerard Diefenthal has a financial goal of $ $410,343. The deadline date for achieving the target is 1 December, 2017.

About Darkside Witches II:

Darkside Witches is a sequel of the successful movie Darkside Witches I released in 2015. Director Gerard Diefenthal and his team have plans to make the sequel more thrilling and frightful backed by some amazing special effects. The movie will carry ahead the fight of Father Gabriel against the evil forces that have been let loose by black witch Lucrezia.

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