Designer of Classic Themes Made Fun, Online Store Guesta Promotes Spirit of Traveling with Innovative Products

Hong Kong – Traveling is not merely an adventure or a few days off from work, but the very essence of the lives we live. Guesta brand online store, founded on the die-hard spirit of travelers, is now offering a wide ranging of products that are not only functional in use, but also act as emotional boosters.

Guesta offers a fun take on classic themes and affordability to brighten lives. The brand’s mission is thus on people and customers, and giving them elegant, versatile and well designed products that become a part and parcel of their daily lives.

The online shopping store at Guesta brims with colors, themes and products. There are astronaut passport holders to choose from in many shades and colors, camouflage luggage straps, Panda cable wrappers, Giraffe book marks, and lucky rope key rings, adding an irresistible appeal to the store. One can also look for many such elegantly designed products in the safety, organizer, stationary and living categories.

“We want to create products that make us feel happy and raise our spirits. This is only possible when we focus our energy on the aesthetic things in life,” says Miguel Candela of Guesta.

Guesta products are a modern reinvention of iconic and classic themes, making life more beautiful and worthy of living. Both the utility and design of each item appeal to global citizens and an international culture. Every design is consciously made to be colorful and bring cheer to the onlookers, and the functionality is meant to be versatile with an affordable price tag.

Apart from the visual aesthetics, buyers at the online Guesta store will appreciate the simple focus on two aspects: each product carries a functional and emotional benefit. While they address everyday requirements and allow work to proceed with no hassles, the user also receives a dose of positive energy to uplift mood and keep going.

“We pride ourselves on making design fun and simple again by giving every product an infectious personality that enthuse its owner to embrace modern living. Our ethos is to only produce products that we love ourselves and to celebrate the global culture that influences our choices in every aspect of our lives,” says Miguel Candela.

The team at Guesta is a traveler at heart, and looks forward to where it is headed next, moving from one adventure to the next. It also cherishes the uncertainty and the shadows of the unknown that come along as natural and necessary parts of the journey. They consider it a healthy influence, making them rounder as people, and better at heart. Just like their products, they are also global citizens, hoping to change people and their perceptions for good.

Guesta works with international designers on new and exciting products. It also creates innovations for everyday life, furthering the pursuit of happiness through creativity. It therefore embraces differences and celebrates the commonalities that unite the world.

Buyers at the online Guesta store can place orders with complete confidence, and shipment begins within 48 hours of receiving the payment. A confirmation email and tracking number keeps the buyers informed about their cargo, and shipping is free for Hong Kong. Visitors to the store can avail discounts on friend referrals, and also sign up for more discounts and updates.

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