Chairman of the Board of Directors of CEFC China Ye Jianming Bestowed the Distinguished Alumni Award by East China University of Political Science and Law

November 20, 2017, CEFC China

On November 16, a grand ceremony was held at the headquarters of CEFC China. Ye Jianming, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CEFC China Energy Company Limited (CEFC China), was bestowed Distinguished Alumni Award by East China University of Political Science and Law (ECUPL) and presented a letter of appointment as guest professor by Cao Wenze, Party Secretary of ECUPL. Ye Qing, President of ECUPL, also attended the ceremony and co-signed a framework agreement on comprehensive strategic cooperation with Chan Chauto, President of CEFC China.

Cao Wenze, Party Secretary of ECUPL, presenting Chairman Ye with the Distinguished Alumni nameplate and the letter of appointment.

To commend Chairman Ye’s outstanding achievements and to show appreciation for his support for and contribution to the development of education as well as the theoretical research and practice of legal affairs at ECUPL, the university, after a rigorous review process, decided to present him with the Distinguished Alumni Award. The university’s Academic Committee unanimously agreed to appoint Chairman Ye as guest professor.

Chairman Ye Jianming having discussions with Cao Wenze, Party Secretary of ECUPL.

Secretary Cao said that Chairman Ye is the most representative entrepreneur out of the numerous graduates of ECUPL, who has shown a high sense of social responsibility and mission. Having led CEFC China onto the Fortune Global 500 list and built a positive brand image for Chinese enterprises, Chairman Ye is worthy of being a representative of the excellent alumni of ECUPL.

President Ye Qing thanked Chairman Ye and CEFC China for their support for the discipline construction and talent cultivation of ECUPL. He also expressed his hope that Chair Ye, as guest professor, will bring the practical experience in going global and the brilliant management ideas of successful enterprises into the classrooms of the university, thus providing the strongest support for talent cultivation in the New Era.

On his part, Chairman Ye noted that the New Era brings new motivation and confidence for CEFC China to conduct economic and social practices centered around the Belt and Road Initiative. CEFC China will rely on a combination of strengths in research and talent between CEFC China and ECUPL, continue to strengthen and perfect legal construction, work together to build a legal talent reserve base and an intellectual support platform serving national strategies through the rigorous and responsible actions of CEFC China staff.

Chairman Ye Jianming with Cao Wenze, Party Secretary of ECUPL and Ye Qing, President of ECUPL.

According to the agreement, the two sides will combine their respective strengths, integrate resources, co-sponsor the Belt and Road Summit Forum for International Legal Service and Cooperation, build a high-end international legal think tank of global influence and brand impact in the process of promoting the development of the Belt and Road Initiative, jointly set up a Belt and Road legal affairs research center at ECUPL, jointly establish a Belt and Road international high-end legal talent training center, so as to create a sound legal environment for doing business and improve Chinese enterprises’ discourse power in international business activities.

Besides, CEFC China is going to launch Ye Jianming Overseas Students Award Fund, Ye Jianming Legal Talent Scholarship and Ye Jianming Outstanding Legal Educator Award, to reward those excellent enrolled students and young legal educators on a yearly basis, giving full support to ECUPL in its efforts to cultivate legal talents with an international vision and a mastery of international law who possess both moral integrity and professional competence and are good at handling international legal affairs.

All participants.

Participants in the meeting and signing ceremony also included Lin Yanping, Deputy President, Qu Yuliang, Director of the Party Committee Office, Zou Rong, Director of Social Coordination and Cooperation, Wang Meili, Deputy Director of Social Coordination and Cooperation of ECUPL; and Chen Qiang, CEFC China’s Vice President, Wang Shixiong, CEFC China’s Vice President, Yu Zhiliang, General Manager of HR Department, Wang Donghua, Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection, Sun Yunfeng, Deputy Director of Chairman’s Office, Zhang Yong, Deputy Director of President’s Office, and Zhang Jianbo, Secretary of the Communist Youth League of CEFC China.

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