Rapidly Expanding WAD Financial Management Platform to Offer Safest and Fastest Wealth Automation to Investors

In the world of financial management, there exists one golden rule: ‘don’t put all eggs in one basket’. Financial management platform WAD now makes it easier for investors to generate wealth by diversifying the risks.

Investors who are good at financial management also try to earn interests on their spare money, but they are also apprehensive of selecting wrong financial management platforms. Wealth Automation Doubles or WAD, a financial management platform, promises to increase wealth automatically, while helping investors to build their financial portfolio. The owners of WAD maintained that the platform would help investors enjoy the safest, most convenient and rapidest way of wealth generation.


“We have highly experienced financial managers affiliated to the FSA or Financial Service Authority on the expert team of WAD. The operation team of WAD includes financial management experts, statisticians, risk evaluation experts and senior computer engineers. WAD has built its presence in 8 countries and has its service centres in over 20 countries and regions all over the world”, said a top executive of WAD.     


“We are currently looking to expand the market to 26 countries and regions and increase the number of core financial managers to more than ten thousand within 2018. We have also planned to give away one hundred luxury cars as rewards during our upcoming anniversary. Besides, we are planning to establish a Global Financial Training College and establish KQS Dream Fund within 2019 to help members of WAD platform to reach their financial goals. In addition to that, we have our plans to open branches in Asia, Europe, South America and North America”, added the executive.

According to the executive, the core advantage of WAD is that it is directly supervised by FSA. Besides that, WAD has also adopted a high-frequency trading method.

While speaking about the background mechanism of WAD, the executive said that it uses 256-bit security encryption. “Our branch servers are all over the world to guarantee more stability to the end users. Also, the domain name has been in existence since 20 years, which shows how old we are as an organization. We also have a high-end server in Las Vegas data Centre and the security of the platform is tighter than many banks”, said the executive.


While speaking at a recent investor conference, the CEO and managing director of WAD said, “WAD System Data Centre has servers and storage equipment of many leading technical companies in the world, including over 40 cloud computing companies and intensive network operators. In addition, the data centre has the global finance-level security system as well as 24-hour and all-weather precise monitoring so as to guarantee the data security and steadiness of the users.”


About the Company

WAD is a financial management platform to creating wealth by aid of spare money.

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