Kickstarter bamboo fabric project Acterix solicits your support to go large.

When you envision the future, what do you see? Environmental degradation is slowly threatening natural resources and natural habitats of many endangered species, both plants and animals. At Acterix, their goal is to make style and sustainability synonymous to protect the future of our environment. By combining breathtaking designs from up and coming designers, and sustainable materials such as bamboo, their hope is to revolutionize the fashion industry.

With this goal in mind, the products and packaging have been scrupulously designed to have as little impact on the environment as possible. The materials used are durable and with unique measurements feel like a tailored fit for each shape and size. Every decision made at Acterix is made with the same goal in mind which is to protect the future. Choosing Acterix is choosing a brighter tomorrow. The health and safety of all consumers, employees and factory workers are of great importance to their services. Acterix strives to promote a safe work environment. We want to keep simplistic aesthetic at the forefront of everything we do, while subtly displaying the countless benefits of our products. Transcending fashion and design, our products are an everyday piece of art for you to share. Their goal is to make style and sustainability synonymous to protect the future of our environment.  The challenges we face are a matter of high standards. Starting from finding the right suppliers and the right materials, taking no short cuts and down to manufacturing the best product possible is a cautious decision. As such, funding is of paramount importance to this project, so your support helps them greatly to continue creating such thoughtful products.

Creator of Acterix, Denzel Byrne said “After visiting Hong Kong for two months, I came back to Australia with new found knowledge about myself and the world we live in. Our planet isn’t happy, and it’s really not hard to find examples of it. With this newfound knowledge I wanted to try and change this. After some brainstorming, I thought about something we use everyday – clothing – and how we could improve so much in this area”. Using a material like bamboo, there are so many benefits to it. It is inherently organic and one of the most breathable materials, so when you wear bamboo clothing you almost forget you are wearing anything at all. So he made it a mission, with his cousin Shivran, to push bamboo so everyone knows there is something small they can do to help the planet every day.

Shivran, co-creator of Acterix provides the project with unequalled insight into design and aesthetic. Studying art and film at university, his pursuit for perfection, while also truly believing the goal they set out to achieve makes the ultimate combination. Shivran and Byrne would like to thank you for looking at their project and hope you truly understand the importance of this project.

To support Bryne and Shivran’s project, please visit and make a pledge. For more information or enquiry, visit or reach out at

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