New Music Video For “Brand New Shoes” By Josh Pfeiffer Helps Music Fans Out Of The Box In Today’s Music Industry

Josh Pfeiffer’s music video “Brand New Shoes” has been welcomed for review with feedback that any independent artist would want to hear. He recently offered the opportunity for others to get a pre screened viewing of his new music video for his song “Brand New Shoes”. “It’s abundantly clear from the moment the music starts, that Josh has stepped out of the box with this one. It is a much different sound and genre than I have come to expect from him, and I like it. I appreciate the fact that he has done this without completely ignoring his roots. You can still hear a jazz influence interwoven with the electric guitar riffs, light hearted piano, and the punchy drums and bass. All of this compliments Pfeiffer’s focused vocals to perfection.”, said Nathan Jones, freelance writer.

With excellent production quality giving a testament to the talented team of David Schram, Adam Munoz, and Grammy Award winner Joe Chiccarelli, his music stands out in today’s music industry. Pfeiffer also reunited with Emmy Award winner Alejandro Guimoye, who also directed his critically acclaimed music video “Life”.

The story and plot of “Brand New Shoes” is a modern, light-hearted love story. The music video also matches this stylistically. It’s a fun adventure set to eye-catching videography from Michael Spranger.

The music video also features Haley Sutton. As a model and actress, she delivers her own character and role beautifully. Pfeiffer and Sutton both do a wonderful job of drawing the viewer into their characters. They reveal a great on screen chemistry together.

As an independent recording artist Pfeiffer seems to be moving forward not merely by his talent, but also by what is equally important today, hard work and dedication to his craft. For more information about Josh Pfeiffer and his music visit his web site at

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