Awesome Toddlers Soft Play Equipment Rentals Expands Services

Gilbert, AZ—Awesome Toddlers, an equipment rental service that provides an assortment of soft play toys, blocks and other equipment for toddler birthday party rentals, is now expanding their services. Included in that expansion is free delivery, setup and pickup services up to 20 miles from their base of operations. The company’s mission is to provide a safe environment for infants and toddlers alike to enjoy themselves during special occasions.

By nature, children explore their surrounding environments to satisfy their curiosities, and Awesome Toddlers encourages this while maintaining safety and precaution. Their rental equipment includes blocks, pens, mats, ball pits, slides and so much more. The company offers different packages ranging from the Little Ones package up to the Crazy Awesome package, which differs in amount of equipment included and the number of children who can be accommodated.

Rental services targeting infants and toddlers such as Awesome Toddlers have been booming in Gilbert, AZ and around the country. These services have been shown to add color and fun to children’s awesome parties. The service provided by Awesome Toddlers is also being sought out because of the lengths they go to ensure safety.

This is an important issue that arises, especially in events with large crowds of playful children. These types of rental services have also been known to be used for other events for adults to mingle with each other, while leaving their children to play with others in a supervised area.

Ever since the debut of Awesome Toddlers, the company has seen success in their work and events. An estimate of more than 30 different families with over 40 children attended the company’s launch party, an occasion that allowed them to cement themselves as the prime source for infant and toddler soft play equipment rentals in Gilbert, AZ. The families present had a blast with the company’s program, and Awesome Toddlers even gave away company gift cards to two lucky winners.

During an interview, the company spokesperson said that the launch party last year was simply just the beginning for them. They hope to be able to bring more smiles and happiness to more families in the future. Furthermore, the spokesperson added that they want nothing more than to provide fun and safety to young children.

With the expansion of the company’s free delivery, setup and pickup area to 20 miles, Awesome Toddlers hopes to further improve their business to accommodate families within their reach. Evident in the company website, Awesome Toddlers firmly believes in investing in children, who are the future generation. The company wishes to add more branches around the nation to be able to reach more families and provide clean fun for everybody.

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