EW Lawyers Continued Support for the Women Called Moses Initiative

For the past several years, EW Lawyers has been a dedicated supporter of Woman Called Moses. Woman Called Moses is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting women and children who are victims of domestic violence and helping them get their lives back on track. To support the cause, Woman Called Moses holds various charity events in an effort to raise funds. One of their most renowned charity events is the Annual Heels to Heal Charity Gala.

This year’s event was the 5th Annual Heels to Heal Gala held on the 22nd of October 2017. To grace the occasion the special guest for the evening was singer and vocalist Michel’le Toussant who shared her story as a survivor of substance abuse and domestic violence.

EW Lawyers specializes in advocacy and legal services relating to injured car wreck victims and they provide tremendous support to the Women Called Moses ‘Heels to Heal’ Gala. Prior to the date of the Gala, EW Lawyers very own co-founding partner Amy Witherite wrote a check for $5000 for the fundraiser. Due to her devotion to help Keep Life Running for survivors of domestic abuse, during an interview with DeDe from K104FM’s ‘DeDe in the Morning’, Amy encouraged more people to donate to the Gala:

“Here is a reality of life. We need to raise money to help women and their families get out of difficult, violent situations. So I challenge everyone to write a check…you guys out there, you can write your checks, you can help, and if you do, I will match 10% of it.”

Later, Amy felt compelled to help even more than the 10% match that she had promised, and instead matched all the proceeds from the Gala, dollar for dollar. Watch the full video here.

Apart from the Women Called Moses charity Gala, EW Lawyers provides support to the initiative to ensure that the organization achieves its mission to eradicate domestic violence. EW Lawyers participated in the 2017 DeDe’s Charity Bowl-A-Thon whose proceeds were also dedicated to Women Called Moses, gave a financial donation to further their support and purchased a van to help them transfer families to safety.

The Women Called Moses initiative, utilizes proceeds from charity events and donations from supporters such as EW Lawyers to provide assistance and various services to victims of domestic violence. The organization was established to assist victims in finding a haven from their abusers and has grown to incorporate counseling services, legal services and emergency shelters for the victims.

Debra Bowles, Founder and President of Women Called Moses says of the support the organization has received, “Amy Witherite and her law firm, Eberstein Witherite, LLP, did it again! Not only did she match our donations from the Heals to Heel Gala, she took time out from her schedule to visit our new home for survivors of domestic abuse. She and I shared a smile together reflecting on what Women Called Moses was able to accomplish with support from our community.  We can’t thank her enough for ALL that she does for the families supported by Women Called Moses.  We can count on Amy!” 

With the continued assistance from dedicated supporters such as EW Lawyers, Women Called Moses will continue to pursue its goals to assist all women and families who need help to escape, overcome and rebuild their lives from domestic violence.

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