Petro-Valve Striving After Wasteful CEO Removed

Petro-Valve, Inc, a Houston-based distributor of valves for the energy and industrial markets, is striving once again after Marek Menger was forcefully removed as the President and CEO for inappropriate use of company money and assets, including living abroad and lavish vacations. Marek Menger no longer has any official capacity or authority at Petro-Valve, Inc. 

Sherry Menger, the soon-to-be ex-wife of Marek, has turned the company around and has it headed solidly in the right direction. Even after the destructive activities and irresponsible financial wastefulness under Marek Menger’s time as President, Petro-Valve is once again profitable and moving forward with plans for expansion under Sherry’s leadership.

Wayne Dolcefino, of Dolcefino Consulting, has been looking into a variety of cases out of the Family Law Courts in Harris County, including the Menger case and others. Wayne has more than 30 Emmy awards for his reporting along with countless other rewards throughout his career. You can read updates about the Menger matter and others on his website.

About Petro-Valve

Petro-Valve, Inc. is a Houston, TX, based distributor of “hard to find” valves for the energy, industrial, and infrastructure markets. The company was founded in 1980. Learn more at

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