Astounding New Hypnotic Seminar Is Liberating Women\’s Minds

An amazing new hypnotic program that lets women release stress, escape their mental bonds, and experience a new life free of guilt, with less conflict and greater happiness in relationships.

It was tough arranging time to talk with Master Hypnotist Professor Jay Tee for an interview; he’s a busy man. He does hypnosis entertainment shows on cruise ships (and on land), provides hypnotic corporate training, and more. But he still takes time to do one-on-one online hypnotherapy worldwide, even in the middle of the night. He did hypnotherapy last night—this morning?—from 4:00 to 5:30AM!

“Yes, I lose a little sleep.” Jay Tee admits. “But it’s wonderful to have the skills to impact people’s lives in such a powerful, positive manner. That’s why I put together my new women’s seminar. I want to help millions of currently unsatisfied women to experience wonderful, ecstatic and sensual improvements in their life experiences. Everyone deserves a fulfilling life.”

Professor Jay Tee’s newest hypnotic seminar program is called the Power of Feminine Sensuality. It explores and challenges the boundaries and connections between women’s sensuality, sexuality, confidence, and life power.

What is the purpose of the program?

“Many women today feel out of control, off balance, and unable to get a grip on their lives,” Jay Tee says. “This is strictly the result of modern society’s collective restriction and inhibition of women. A woman is intentionally prevented from accessing her true desires and achieving her true needs. Feminine Sensuality gives women back control over their lives, giving them the freedom to choose how, when, where, and with whom to experience life. Starting from a new position of strength and understanding gives them many more choices… and much more control over what happens to them.”

How does the program work?

“The basic focus is mental training on taking in and utilizing new experiences, then using that to expand their life to the maximum. Under my instruction, the participants learn how powerful mental experiences can be, and then they learn their mind can control all those experiences, and how to do that. Negative experiences are washed away by positive emotions.” Jay Tee pauses for a moment, then grins brightly, “Finally, they learn how to do all of the same things on their own, so they won’t need me to follow them around every day to have a good life.”

What changes have women had as a result of the Power of Feminine Sensuality training?
“There have been some amazing results with the women I used as ‘guinea pigs’ for this program:

  • They’ve stepped up and taken charge of their lives.
  • They’ve made rapid and positive changes in the direction of their desired goals.
  • They say it’s like being been born anew as powerful, strong, caring, yet decisive women.
  • Their femininity did not decrease, it increased due to the program’s focus.

”Jay Tee looks thoughtful. “In fact, the explosion in their female power is directly responsible for making their changes possible, and then making those changes remain for life.”

What are the drawbacks to the program?

Professor Jay Tee suddenly looks serious. “Well, although I never discuss clients’ personal details, I can say there is one definite risk. Once women take back control over the incredible feminine power they hold inside, their relationship partners had better begin treating them as equals and giving them the respect they deserve—or they won’t stay part of the ladies’ lives for very long!”

Professor Jay Tee is a Master Hypnotist and Online Hypnotherapist with 20+ years of expertise in improving the human mind. Visit to schedule his new seminar or find out more about his other training seminars, entertainment shows and therapeutic services.

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