Up and Coming Fashion Designer Launching High End Clothing Line

Addison Guerra Debuting Latest Fashions on Instagram

The promising new fashion designer, Addison Guerra, is launching a new high end clothing line on Instagram.  The founder and master designer of The Addison Guerra Clothing Line was recently featured in the Huffington Post.  His new high end luxury fashion line is being hailed as unique and edgy.

“I am thrilled to introduce my new high end clothing line to the public,” stated Addison.  “I have a passion for luxury fashion and truly believe my high end luxury line will stand out from the rest.  I have always been one to go get what I want.  Now, I am seeing my passion and efforts come together as The Addison Guerra Clothing Line launches.”

Addison Guerra always played sports.  In college, he played basketball until he suffered an injury.  Unable to continue playing, he began a keen interest in high end luxury fashion designing.  Although he originally planned to become a doctor, Addison began to feel pulled to designing a clothing line instead.

The more he researched the high end clothing line industry, the more pull he felt towards it.  “I can see myself doing this,” he thought.  And…he did.  A passion was born and is now coming full circle as his high end clothing line is coming out.

Addison’s mission is to create an envious style.  He said that his high end luxury clothing line will all be in one color but he is not disclosing what that color is.

Building his brand solely on his own, there have been many hurdles along the way for Addison.  He met with over 50 studios and production companies across the world in order to find the perfect fit for a company he felt could offer the kind of quality his insisted upon for his high end clothing line. 

Addison feels that the quality of fabric, materials and craftsmanship will surprise the public and will set him apart.  He also believes that his clothing and accessories will be quite notable and that “Addison Guera” will pop into their head when they see one of his luxury high end fashion items.

“I will have a uniqueness, a DNA,” the up and coming luxury designer said.  “My brand is going to start new trends.”

When asked who has been influential in the launching of The Addison Guerra Clothing Line, Addison was quick to credit Sarah Antonella of Sweets Babe Inc.  “She has really stepped out to help,” he commented.

The Addison Guerra Clothing Line will feature casual wear, street wear, business wear and custom tailored wear as well.  Accessories will accompany the high end luxury line of clothing.

To find out more about Addison Guerra and The Addison Guerra Clothing Line, check out Instagram.com/addisonguerra.


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