Budget travelers find their best partner in Sham Bags

New California startup Sham Bags is soon to launch its signature travel backpack which is strategically designed to help travelers avoid baggage fees in budget airlines. The company is also aspiring to help refugees all over.

Los Angeles, California, November 22, 2017: Young travelers frustrated with costly baggage fees on budget flights can finally heave a sigh of relief. A California-based visionary startup is soon to launch a revolutionary backpack which is strategically designed to help travelers avoid the pricey baggage fees on budget airlines. Titled as Sham Bags, the brand is also on the mission to support refugees and displaced people worldwide.

The company will be donating 10% of the proceeds for the betterment of refugees and unfortunate victims of natural disasters.



“The name ‘Sham’ is derived from the name of a region in Middle East where a huge number of refugees have gathered for shelter from all over the world. One of our principal missions is to make lives easier for refugees and displaced people in need of help and hence there cannot be a more appropriate name for our brand”, stated Amir Zahlan, the co-founder of the company and the man behind the new inspiring backpack. 

Sham Bags’ signature travel backpacks are a smart hybrid between technical backpacks and duffel bags. It sports all the features you will find in any technical backpack but also stands out with its hip and strategic design. The backpack conveniently meets the maximum limit on personal items stated by all major domestic and international flights, including budget airlines.



Inside the bag, you will find a spacious main compartment to hold all the major belongings of a traveler and there are extra pockets for little things and trinkets. It’s top flap opens up to offer a sneak peek on everything inside the bag. 

While approached on the inspiration behind the revolutionary backpack, Mr. Zahlan mentioned of the problem of unavailability of a carry-on backpack for budget airlines in the market. 



“We are a team of budget travelers who are always on the spree of affordable traveling. But even though our flights were cheap, we had to end up with pricey baggage fees. The same thing happened in my recent trip to Europe and Jordan that I took to visit my family. With every flight, I was bombarded with baggage fees. It made me search for a functional carry-on backpack for budget airlines that would help to avoid baggage fees and would also sport a cool styling. And to my surprise, there was none. Moreover, I was deeply moved by the plight of Syrian refugees in Jordan. All these factors together inspired me to design a smart travel backpack that fits the requirements for budget airlines and would also help me to give back to the community.” 

Mr. Zahlan and his team have designed Sham Bags travel bags with a host of smart features:

  • Separate compartment for shoes
  • Quick-access padded laptop pocket
  • Top-flap zipper
  • Organizational pockets to keep all the accessories organized
  • Detachable shoulder straps to help the traveler carry the backpack as a duffel bag. 

The backpack is expandable as well to fit more for flying any airline.  

For more information, please visit https://www.shambags.com



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