Tate Bunker’s re-creates the classic fairytale, Little Red Riding Hood, into the cautionary tale, ‘LITTLE RED’, mirroring Hollywood’s exploding scandal of power, greed, and sex.

Los Angeles, CA (November 22, 2017) – New day, new allegation, new headline.

2017 has been a year headlining Hollywood’s most powerful – actors, comedians, world CEOs, film journalists and more – surfacing rumors and allegations tied to inappropriate, sexual behaviors of Hollywood’s elite, as new statements are voiced each day.

With the fifth confessions from a woman alleging Senate candidate of sexual misconduct, TriCoast Entertainment wants to bring attention to the manipulation, power, and pressure many inflict on others.

TriCoast Entertainment’s collaboration with Found the Ribbons Films sheds light on today’s climate within the film industry with the retelling of the classical fairytale Little Red Riding Hood with a dramatic twist, “LITTLE RED”, concluding in more of a ‘cautionary tale’ rather than a ‘fairytale’.

Directed by Tate Bunker (“Yellow Light”, “Starlite”, “Perceval”), “LITTLE RED” tells the story of 11-year-old Red (Hannah Obst), who adventures alone to Cumberland Island to see the beautiful, wild horses.

But young, naïve Red soon collides with the horrors of the real world she’d been sheltered from her entire life. She encounters the ‘Big Bad Wolf’, sexual-predator, Lou (Mark Metcalf), who creeps in the shadows of Red’s journey. Despite meeting her newest travel companion, surfer-girl Kayla (Paige Bunker), the girls can feel Lou’s presence, his power, and obsessive nature takes hold, as they become victims to the adult world.

Bunker effectively establishes a highly unsettling mood and sustains it for a significant chunk of time. Lou leers at Red and shows up wherever she does, always ready with a story about why she needs to come with him and how he only wants to help her. You cringe and squirm and wait for the moment Lou strikes.” – ComingSoon

“LITTLE RED” debuted in September 2012 at the Milwaukee Film Festival, where film lovers and critics began the start to raving reviews on Bunker’s modern day adaptation of every innocent child’s favorite fairytale story.

Photo: “Little Red” family at the Milwaukee Film Festival.

Little Red is a quality, though often unsettling, spin on a classic tale. The film stays engaging even when the subject takes a turn for the dark, and somehow it all comes out of the darkness as being more about friendship and adventure than about sexual predators and prey.” – Film Threat

“The fact that the protagonist is played by a child who has never acted before or since is incredible. Mark Metcalf was overwhelmingly menacing and creepy. The exterior shots were great. All in all, a very solid movie.” – IMDB user, ‘Breathtaking’

Since, “LITTLE RED” has had victory worldwide, winning several awards at prestigious film festivals including Best Feature at the Canada International Film Festival, Best Feature Film at the 2013 Philadephia Independent Film Festival and at the Berlin Independent Film Festival, with theatricals throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

“LITTLE RED” stars first-time actress, Hannah Obst as the lead of Red. Obst was drawn to the role of Red because “she was brave, and although she was a vulnerable little girl trying to become a woman, she had so many different sides to her that it really drew me into the character,” Obst told Urban Milwaukee.

Alongside Obst is prominent actor and producer, Metclaf as Lou (“Animal House”, “Drive Me Crazy”, “The Stupids”, “Seinfeld”), whom Bunker wrote the role with his character in mind because “he’s a wonderful bad guy, and plays it so well”. (Urban Milwaukee)

“Mark Metcalf finds a whole new level of creepy villain for this film. It’s not like he’s not well-versed in being a cinematic asshole, but to embody this type of nutbar, with disturbing subtlety, at least at first, shows the man is up for any role you throw at him. Sure his character does get more menacing and unhinged as the film goes on, and there’s more of an opportunity to play it big and over-the-top evil, but Metcalf keeps it from becoming a case of scenery chewing. Instead he’s like the wolf in the original story; always there, lurking, waiting for the opportunity to finally strike.” – Film Threat

“LITTLE RED” features Red’s traveling companion and fearless sidekick, Paige Bunker (“Small Talk”), as well as Libby Amato (“Conversations”, “Dreams of Darkness”).

With the unsafe nature of the film industry today, “LITTLE RED” sheds light on experiences women inside and outside the film industry have been facing for years.

“The film portrays the power of not caring, listening to your heart and doing what you want to do,” Bunker said [to Urban Milwaukee]. “Even if you’re aware of the dangers, you still don’t stop that adventure.

Watch “LITTLE RED” on VOD platforms today to see the global issue on the big screen, as a ‘cautionary tale’ vital for today’s atmosphere.

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LITTLE RED (2017, 81 min.) Directed by Tate Bunker. Editor: Tate Bunker. Cinematographer: Carlo Besasie. Original Music: Peter Batchelder. US, English. Found the Ribbon Films, TriCoast Entertainment.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Found the Ribbon Films

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