Independent Musician Josh Pfeiffer Looks Back On One Year Of Releasing His Music Video “Life”, Now With Over 2 Million Views On YouTube

“Life” by Josh Pfeiffer is a lovely tune with a catchy Rock, American Pop, and Jazz feel. His lyrics delicately describe daily life in a poetic way in this song. This “single” is off of his album “American Crooner Act: 1”.

The music video for “Life” features many characters of different ages, and different stages of life with Pfeiffer right in the middle of it all singing his heartfelt lyrics. With all of the beautiful scenery and images in this video the viewer might feel like they just took a mini-vacation after watching it.

The music video, now 1 year old is still gaining traction and much deserved attention with over 2 million views on YouTube. Pfeiffer is celebrating the success of this song and music video while continuing to build his career as an independent musician one fan at a time. “What a beautiful song, Josh, as well as a loving tribute to your folks. It brought me to tears.”, said Melody Noceti.

The music video was directed by Alejandro Guimoye, who is also an actor. Guimoye is also recently known for his role in the T.V. series “Minutes After Midnight”. It’s not hard to imagine that much care went into directing this music video.

Pfeiffer dedicated the “Life” music video in loving memory of his mom and dad making this a special release as an artist looking back on his own life. For more information about Josh Pfeiffer, and his previous and most recent music releases visit You can also stay up to date on Facebook at

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