Babylingos, the new foreign language learning app for toddlers launches on iTunes

Babylingos is the newly launched app for toddlers and kids that allow them to learn a foreign language. The app is launched on iTunes for iOS users and enables the children 6 and above to learn the concepts of a foreign language and grasp it properly by the age of 3. The developers believe that this is the time when the tiny tots are learning to speak and interpret words they hear around them. They are in the process of learning language with a fresh mind so it becomes easier for them at this stage to learn a new language better.

At the age of 3, 80% of the brain has already been developed in kids and they’re ready to process any new information in a much better way. Through this app, the developers hope to enhance global communication for generations to come, by providing the suitable tools necessary for absorbing and retaining a second language at an early age.

Often, the young children lack the opportunity to learn a second language, even though, developmentally it is one of the best time to learn. The Babylingos app is developed to provide the parents a convenient way by which they can teach their little kids a second language in an easy manner. The developers have considered the fact that the brain of young children is able to retain information twice as fast than the adult brain which is why they have developed this app specifically for the young kids to learn another language at an early stage and remember it for life.

Everyone knows that people are the most comfortable in speaking in their mother language. With this app, the developers hope to build a new generation of individuals who are profound and comfortable in multiple languages since an early age, which ultimately will improve global communication and connect the world together. One of the users on iTunes says in their review about the app,”
Very straightforward and it’s very easy for my kid to use”.

The app is user-friendly, safe, ad-free and comes with hands-on control. It provides incentives and stimulation to keep attention for guaranteed learning. The iOS users can download the app from iTunes at $2.99. 

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