Prepper Tip of the Day: How to Choose the Best Survival Seed Vault

“105 heirloom varieties of fruit, vegetable and herb seeds for survival”
Home and Garden America gives 3 surefire tips to help preppers find the right seed vault for long-term survival.

Carson City, NV, November 22, 2017 – For beginner preppers, planning for survival can be an overwhelming task. From water supply to weapons, everything must be covered to ensure survival after a major disaster or doomsday scenario. Prepping becomes even more complex when it comes to long-term food supply, which is one of the most fundamental resources for survival. Aside from preparing a mixed stack of canned, dehydrated and freeze-dried foods, preppers must have a survival seed vault as well so they can grow fresh foods off the grid.

While most people tend to get the most popular and convenient seed vault available online, it is important to note that not just any survival seed vault will do for long-term survival. The ideal seed vault must meet certain requirements in order to be truly reliable when it’s finally time to use it.

“No one can correctly predict the next natural or man-made disaster. It can be tomorrow, the following year or many years from now. You might think your seed vault will deliver whenever you need it, but not all survival seed kits can remain viable 10, 20 or even 30 years down the road,” says a survival seed expert from Home and Garden America. “So right from the start, you want to invest in the highest quality seed vault you can find so you’ll be confident that the seeds will still germinate and produce food even decades later.”

Viability is indeed the main concern for survival seeds. If the seeds themselves cannot last for several years, then they are impractical for long-term survival. Therefore, choosing the right survival seed vault should be a priority for beginner preppers who are determined to secure their future food supply. The Home and Garden America expert the 3 main features to look for in the best survival seed vault:

Feature #1: Heirloom Non-GMO Seeds
If long-term survival is the ultimate motive, then having a regular source of healthy foods is vital. Growing fresh produce from heirloom non-GMO seeds is one way to fulfill this need. As the name implies, heirloom non-GMO seeds have been passed down for generations and have not gone through genetic modification. These seeds produce the healthiest crops, which provide preppers with the vitamins and nutrients needed to survive during and after a disaster. A survival seed vault with heirloom non-GMO seeds can truly give preppers an advantage in long-term survival.

Feature #2: Wide Selection of Vegetable, Fruit & Herb Seeds
The seed varieties are another thing to consider. The ideal seed vault must contain a wide selection of vegetable, fruit and herb seeds that are suitable for survival use. The veggie and fruit seeds provide the necessary nutrition, while the herb seeds supply preppers with herbs for medicinal purposes. It’s also important to have many types of crops to choose from, especially since eating the same thing over and over again can be tiring for the entire prepper family. Having some variation in food can improve one’s health and mindset when living off the grid.

Feature #3: Protective Case for Long-Term Storage
Finally, the ideal seed vault should be able to protect the seeds from the elements. Since it is expected to last for decades, the vault itself should be tough enough to survive the coming disasters. An ammo box, for instance, is a good choice for long-term seed storage. Its protective case and double locks seal moisture out, while its handle makes it easy to carry around in a survival situation. These features help prolong the shelf life of the seeds so that preppers can still grow them in the far future.

“Remember that choosing the right seed vault is the first step to survival food security. By looking for the specific features given above, beginners as well as master preppers can have the ideal survival seed vault that will always deliver when they need it,” the Home and Garden America expert further added.

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