When Preparing for Retirement, Customers Want a Financial Planner with Experience

Kent Balch, Licensed Financial Planner with First Fidelity Financial
Atlanta-based Financial Planner Kent Balch has over 27 years of experience in financial planning and growing wealth. His firm, First Financial Fidelity Group of Atlanta has been helping area residents plan for retirement and enjoy the best years of their life.

Zoey Thompson, Features Editor

(Atlanta, GA) Respected Financial Planner Kent Balch believes that there isn’t one single, solution to preparing for retirement. Families need to not only preserve the wealth they have but also grow their assets. To this end, he utilizes a split concept of portfolio diversification involving monthly dividends from institutional portfolios and fixed annuity products for risk management.

“I work around a split concept of portfolio diversification with monthly dividends,” explains Balch.  By utilizing the monthly dividend for a larger portion of the portfolio we are not reducing the principal investment while embracing the ups and downs of the market.”

To balance some of the portfolio risk, Ken advocates products like a fixed indexed annuity that can provide a reliable lifetime income and principal protection. According to Ken, it’s all about creating a solid financial strategy that addresses wealth strategies, insurance protections, and Social Security planning. 

 “Everyone’s situation and goals are different,” he says. “There are plenty of people starting over mid-life that I work with to quickly address ways to save and build assets. “My niche market is those within 15 years of retirement and those already enjoying retirement”.

He explains that taxes are on everyone’s mind that people take a moment to plan now for possibly reducing their taxes on Social Security and learn whether a 401k rollover would be appropriate based on their plans and objectives. With so many demands upon savings, most people look for ways to reduce their tax burden and maximize what money they have to work with. Balch works with individuals and couples to realize the most from their earned dollars and prepare for the future.

Balch has been a Diamond Elite Producer for Questar Capital for three years in a row, developing wealth strategies for clients all over the Atlanta region.

Investing involves risk even the loss of principal. Guarantees for insurance products are based on the claims paying ability of the insurer. Annuities involve surrender charges and long-term commitments. Not FDIC Insured.

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