YICHUN:A Worldwide Model on Common Development of Economic, Culture, and Ecology

Yichun is a famous city in China, which has thousands of years of history and profound cultural heritage. But what draws most of the attention for the city now is its common development of economic, culture and ecology.



In the first ten years of twenty-first Century, Yichun experienced the “take-off stage” of rapid economic development, and the local GDP experienced an exponential rise. However, with the development of the local economic, the governor realized that the extensive way of economic growth was not sustainable. If they want the economic growth to continue, they must upgrade the industry.After only a few years, the industrial structure of Yichun has been greatly optimized and upgraded. All the three industries moved up to high end.

      The government of Yichun focused on promoting the development of local service industry in recent years. Relying on abundant forest tourism resources, the local government has created many modern tourist attractions. In addition, they excavate the historical and cultural resources, such as “Su Shen culture” and “Jin Zu culture”, so as to open up the cultural tourism market.Therefore,Yichun has become a famous destination for Ecotourism in china.The development of tourism has led the local agricultural population to the service industry, and the income of the people has also been greatly improved.By virtue of new media like Internet, films and television , the local government of Yichun has made an effective propaganda of the Yichun culture, to give people across the country a deeper understanding about the Yichun culture.



The most commendable about Yichun is that, it avoided the pattern of “treatment after pollution”, which is experienced by most other developing areas. In 2012, the local government proposed the development concept of ” Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets.” They formulated the measures of environmental protection which are much more stringent than the national standards. A large number of enterprises who do not meet the requirements were shut down or temporary closed for reorganizing. Since then, the set up of dirty industry is forbidden. Large funds are invested on the environment protection alteration of the local industry. Today, if you go to Yichun, you will see Lucid waters with lush mountains, blue sky with white cloud, and bright moon with glittering stars.



In China, also in many regions around the world, despite the rapid economic development, cultural construction still far lags behind, so many cities are called “a city with money only”. Worse still, some regions develop their economy at the cost of severe environment destruction. Yichun, however, emphasizes environmental protection and cultural construction while developing its economy. At present, it has formed an all-round good trend of moving forward, and such an advanced developmental concept is worthy being learned by the whole world.


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