Celebrated Tarot Expert and Author, Jim Larsen, Adds to Canon on Tarot with “Tarot for an Enlightened Life”

Tarot cards are, by and large, a mystery to most people, which is why it requires expert guidance to unlock the mystical power in using them.  As one of the country’s most knowledgeable about the use of Tarot cards to divine upcoming events or secrets about someone, Jim Larsen has shared his encyclopedic knowledge of the subject to enable newcomers to more fully embrace and appreciate this particular form of mysticism. Having authored “The Double Oh Fool Guide to Tarot Mastery” as well as two books in the “Knowing From the Silence” series on meditation, Jim has established himself as an expert in the field.

Jim Larsen’s latest book, “Tarot for an Enlightened Life” reveals how anyone can unlock the secrets of Tarot to help them gain insight into the universe and people around them as well as into themselves.  Not only does “Tarot for an Enlightened Life” provide additional guidance into traditional Tarot usage, but it also adds new wisdom to the canon of Tarot knowledge.  Jim offers readers new ways of using these mystical cards to help them find their place in the world, help them in their personal journey through life, and provide a glimpse at what their future is likely to hold.

The past commercial success of his earlier books promises that “Tarot for an Enlightened Life” will likely fly off of the bookshelves, but Jim is asking his fans and the general public to support his latest project on Kickstarter.  With the $3,000 he would raise from a successful campaign, Jim will produce a visually appealing and well-designed tome that could satisfy longtime users of Tarot as well as entice newcomers.  In return for contributions, donors may be eligible for perks like a Tarot reading, Celtic Cross reading, copies of “Tarot for an Enlightened Life”, or Tarot decks.  To learn more about “Tarot for an Enlightened Life” or to make a donation, please visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/enlightenedlifetarot/tarot-for-an-enlightened-life-the-new-tarot-for-th.

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